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Rename .text.lock to .text..lock.
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@@ -66,14 +66,14 @@ of advantages of mutexes:
c0377ccb <mutex_lock>:
c0377ccb: f0 ff 08 lock decl (%eax)
- c0377cce: 78 0e js c0377cde <.text.lock.mutex>
+ c0377cce: 78 0e js c0377cde <.text..lock.mutex>
c0377cd0: c3 ret
the unlocking fastpath is equally tight:
c0377cd1 <mutex_unlock>:
c0377cd1: f0 ff 00 lock incl (%eax)
- c0377cd4: 7e 0f jle c0377ce5 <.text.lock.mutex+0x7>
+ c0377cd4: 7e 0f jle c0377ce5 <.text..lock.mutex+0x7>
c0377cd6: c3 ret
- 'struct mutex' semantics are well-defined and are enforced if