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bonding: document two undocumented options.
Commit 655f8919d549ad1872e24d826b6ce42530516d2e bonding: add min links parameter to 802.3ad and commit ebd8e4977a87cb81d93c62a9bff0102a9713722f bonding: add all_slaves_active parameter introduced new options to bonding, but didn't provide the documentation for those options. V2: add the default value for both options. V3: document the exact behavior of min_links default value. Signed-off-by: Nicolas de Peslo√ľan <> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>
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This option was added in bonding version 3.4.0.
+ Specifies that duplicate frames (received on inactive ports) should be
+ dropped (0) or delivered (1).
+ Normally, bonding will drop duplicate frames (received on inactive
+ ports), which is desirable for most users. But there are some times
+ it is nice to allow duplicate frames to be delivered.
+ The default value is 0 (drop duplicate frames received on inactive
+ ports).
Specifies the ARP link monitoring frequency in milliseconds.
@@ -433,6 +445,23 @@ miimon
determined. See the High Availability section for additional
information. The default value is 0.
+ Specifies the minimum number of links that must be active before
+ asserting carrier. It is similar to the Cisco EtherChannel min-links
+ feature. This allows setting the minimum number of member ports that
+ must be up (link-up state) before marking the bond device as up
+ (carrier on). This is useful for situations where higher level services
+ such as clustering want to ensure a minimum number of low bandwidth
+ links are active before switchover. This option only affect 802.3ad
+ mode.
+ The default value is 0. This will cause carrier to be asserted (for
+ 802.3ad mode) whenever there is an active aggregator, regardless of the
+ number of available links in that aggregator. Note that, because an
+ aggregator cannot be active without at least one available link,
+ setting this option to 0 or to 1 has the exact same effect.
Specifies one of the bonding policies. The default is