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+ =============
+ A N D R O I D
+ =============
+Copyright (C) 2009 Google, Inc.
+Written by Mike Chan <>
+1. Android
+ 1.1 Required enabled config options
+ 1.2 Required disabled config options
+ 1.3 Recommended enabled config options
+2. Contact
+1. Android
+Android ( is an open source operating system for mobile devices.
+This document describes configurations needed to run the Android framework on
+top of the Linux kernel.
+To see a working defconfig look at msm_defconfig or goldfish_defconfig
+which can be found at in kernel/common.git
+and kernel/msm.git
+1.1 Required enabled config options
+After building a standard defconfig, ensure that these options are enabled in
+your .config or defconfig if they are not already. Based off the msm_defconfig.
+You should keep the rest of the default options enabled in the defconfig
+unless you know what you are doing.
+1.2 Required disabled config options
+1.3 Recommended enabled config options
+2. Contact