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firewire: core: ignore link-active bit of new nodes, fix device recognition
Like the older ieee1394 core driver, firewire-core skipped scanning of any new node whose PHY sent a self ID without "link active" bit. If a device had this bit off mistakenly, it meant that it was inaccessible to kernel drivers with the old IEEE 1394 driver stack but could still be accessed by userspace drivers through the raw1394 interface. But with firewire-core, userspace drivers don't get to see such buggy devices anymore. This is effectively a driver regression since this device bug is otherwise harmless. We now attempt to scan all devices, even repeaters that don't have a link or powered-down devices that have everything but their PHY shut down when plugged in. This results in futile repeated scanning attempts in case of such devices that really don't have an active link, but this doesn't hurt since recent workqueue infrastructure lets us run more concurrent scanning jobs than we can shake a stick at. This should fix accessibility of Focusrite Saffire PRO 26 I/O: Signed-off-by: Stefan Richter <>
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