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firewire: reorganize header files
The three header files of firewire-core, i.e. "drivers/firewire/fw-device.h", "drivers/firewire/fw-topology.h", "drivers/firewire/fw-transaction.h", are replaced by "drivers/firewire/core.h", "include/linux/firewire.h". The latter includes everything which a firewire high-level driver (like firewire-sbp2) needs besides linux/firewire-constants.h, while core.h contains the rest which is needed by firewire-core itself and by low- level drivers (card drivers) like firewire-ohci. High-level drivers can now also reside outside of drivers/firewire without having to add drivers/firewire to the header file search path in makefiles. At least the firedtv driver will be such a driver. I also considered to spread the contents of core.h over several files, one for each .c file where the respective implementation resides. But it turned out that most core .c files will end up including most of the core .h files. Also, the combined core.h isn't unreasonably big, and it will lose more of its contents to linux/firewire.h anyway soon when more firewire drivers are added. (IP-over-1394, firedtv, and there are plans for one or two more.) Furthermore, fw-ohci.h is renamed to ohci.h. The name of core.h and ohci.h is chosen with regard to name changes of the .c files in a follow-up change. Signed-off-by: Stefan Richter <>
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