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authorRobert Morell <>2011-03-03 13:04:00 -0800
committerDan Willemsen <>2011-11-30 21:48:11 -0800
commit4d785e53437e27a0bbf57f26c66dcad3bacd35f0 (patch)
tree59ec45c90e9462c8298ec504107588880a9a198f /drivers/video/tegra/dc/dc_priv.h
parent6964bbc3358ef35caf426fc06490a9359a91ab6b (diff)
video: tegra: Add skeleton support for extensions
This adds the infrasturcture for an enhanced driver interface to program extended capabilities of the Tegra display controller. It exposes a new set of device nodes for userspace clients distinct from the traditional fbdev device nodes. This is necessary due to limitations in the fbdev infrastructure that don't allow drivers to store file-private data. bug 818525 Original-Change-Id: I06cecf894792b9904c73f9ebcdeb746ff7455f6e Signed-off-by: Robert Morell <> Reviewed-on: http://git-master/r/40512 Reviewed-by: Jonathan Mayo <> Rebase-Id: Rfa3969804d7f52c841be1ff96305c9463077e1c5
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/video/tegra/dc/dc_priv.h b/drivers/video/tegra/dc/dc_priv.h
index ebd339c489c2..4bf429f7e68c 100644
--- a/drivers/video/tegra/dc/dc_priv.h
+++ b/drivers/video/tegra/dc/dc_priv.h
@@ -28,6 +28,8 @@
#include "../host/dev.h"
#include "../host/t20/syncpt_t20.h"
+#include <mach/tegra_dc_ext.h>
#define WIN_IS_TILED(win) ((win)->flags & TEGRA_WIN_FLAG_TILED)
#define WIN_IS_ENABLED(win) ((win)->flags & TEGRA_WIN_FLAG_ENABLED)
#define WIN_USE_V_FILTER(win) ((win)->flags & TEGRA_WIN_FLAG_V_FILTER)
@@ -121,6 +123,8 @@ struct tegra_dc {
unsigned underflows_c;
} stats;
+ struct tegra_dc_ext *ext;
struct dentry *debugdir;