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usb: cdc-acm: Fix acm_tty_hangup() vs. acm_tty_close() race
[Not upstream s it was fixed differently there for 3.3 with a much more "intrusive" rework of the driver - gregkh] There is a race condition involving acm_tty_hangup() and acm_tty_close() where hangup() would attempt to access tty->driver_data without proper locking and NULL checking after close() has potentially already set it to NULL. One possibility to (sporadically) trigger this behavior is to perform a suspend/resume cycle with a running WWAN data connection. This patch addresses the issue by introducing a NULL check for tty->driver_data in acm_tty_hangup() protected by open_mutex and exiting gracefully when hangup() is invoked on a device that has already been closed. Signed-off-by: Thilo-Alexander Ginkel <> Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
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