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Merge git://
* git:// (71 commits) [SCSI] fcoe: cleanup cpu selection for incoming requests [SCSI] fcoe: add fip retry to avoid missing critical keep alive [SCSI] libfc: fix warn on in lport retry [SCSI] libfc: Remove the reference to FCP packet from scsi_cmnd in case of error [SCSI] libfc: cleanup sending SRR request [SCSI] libfc: two minor changes in comments [SCSI] libfc, fcoe: ignore rx frame with wrong xid info [SCSI] libfc: release exchg cache [SCSI] libfc: use FC_MAX_ERROR_CNT [SCSI] fcoe: remove unused ptype field in fcoe_rcv_info [SCSI] bnx2fc: Update copyright and bump version to 1.0.4 [SCSI] bnx2fc: Tx BDs cache in write tasks [SCSI] bnx2fc: Do not arm CQ when there are no CQEs [SCSI] bnx2fc: hold tgt lock when calling cmd_release [SCSI] bnx2fc: Enable support for sequence level error recovery [SCSI] bnx2fc: HSI changes for tape [SCSI] bnx2fc: Handle REC_TOV error code from firmware [SCSI] bnx2fc: REC/SRR link service request and response handling [SCSI] bnx2fc: Support 'sequence cleanup' task [SCSI] dh_rdac: Associate HBA and storage in rdac_controller to support partitions in storage ...
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