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runs an instance of gdb against the vmlinux file which contains
the symbols (not boot image such as bzImage, zImage, uImage...).
In gdb the developer specifies the connection parameters and
- connects to kgdb. Depending on which kgdb I/O modules exist in
- the kernel for a given architecture, it may be possible to debug
- the test machine's kernel with the development machine using a
- rs232 or ethernet connection.
+ connects to kgdb. The type of connection a developer makes with
+ gdb depends on the availability of kgdb I/O modules compiled as
+ builtin's or kernel modules in the test machine's kernel.
<chapter id="CompilingAKernel">
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Using this option with kgdb over the console
- (kgdboc) or kgdb over ethernet (kgdboe) is not supported.
+ (kgdboc) is not supported.
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(gdb) target remote /dev/ttyS0
- Example (kgdb to a terminal server):
+ Example (kgdb to a terminal server on tcp port 2012):
% gdb ./vmlinux
- (gdb) target remote udp:
- </programlisting>
- <para>
- Example (kgdb over ethernet):
- </para>
- <programlisting>
- % gdb ./vmlinux
- (gdb) target remote udp:
+ (gdb) target remote
Once connected, you can debug a kernel the way you would debug an