AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-08-14Remove GFP_DMA flag from mx2fb driver2.6.24-mx27lite-200808141800Justin Waters
2008-05-30Fix Freescale OTG implementation2.6.24-mx27lite-200805301934Justin Waters
2008-05-30MX27 Time: Fix missing case statementJustin Waters
2008-05-30MX27 USB: Update DMA_BIT_MASK to newer APIJustin Waters
2008-05-29Update YAFFS to match new FS API2.6.24-mx27lite-200805291611Justin Waters
2008-05-29MX27 GPIO: Ensure 8-bit operation for the NAND flashJustin Waters
2008-05-29MX27 GPIO: Enable pullup resistors and set up chip detect for SDHCJustin Waters
2008-05-29MXC GPIO: Add method for masking/unmasking interrupts on the port levelJustin Waters
2008-05-29MX27Lite: Change PMIC PRIINT pin to USBH1_SUSPJustin Waters
2008-05-28MX27: Fix USB register and PMIC HeaderJustin Waters
2008-05-28MXCFB: Fix mode entry for Sharp 6.4" VGA display kitJustin Waters
2008-05-28MX27Lite: Fix LCD GPIO pin requestsJustin Waters
2008-05-28MX27Lite: Remove useless MMC/SD codeJustin Waters
2008-05-28MX27Lite: Don't initialize SSI2Justin Waters
2008-05-28MX27 Serial: Disable all UARTS but the firstJustin Waters
2008-05-28MXC GPIO: Fix datain reading for MX27Justin Waters
2008-05-28MXCFB: Add flags to specify polarity of different signalsJustin Waters
2008-05-23Clean up MX27 CRM Register DefinitionsJustin Waters
2008-05-23MX27 DPTC: Remove Vestigal CodeJustin Waters
2008-05-23Remove printk from fec.cJohn Scherzer
2008-05-23Uses the correct mask for determining the phy address of the fec lan8700 chipJohn Scherzer
2008-05-21MX27LITE: Miscellaneous code cleanupJustin Waters
2008-05-21MX27LITE: Modify GPIO pins for SDHC2Justin Waters
2008-05-21MX27: Add ability to enable individual Secure Digital controllersJustin Waters
2008-05-21Merge branch 'bsp-imx27litekit-rel3' of ssh://John.Scherzer@engservices.times...John Scherzer
2008-05-21Add smsc lan8700 driver configuration values to fec driverJohn Scherzer
2008-05-21RTC_MXC: Handle shared interrupts properlyJustin Waters
2008-05-20MX27LITE_GPIO: Fix pins for USBOTG interfaceJustin Waters
2008-05-20Update pin configuration for USB Host 2 on the Lite Kit.Justin Waters
2008-05-20MX27LITE_GPIO: Fix GPIO conflicts between USB Host 2 and SPI 1Justin Waters
2008-05-16MX27Litekit: Update NOR Flash partition tableJustin Waters
2008-05-16MX27Litekit: Add basic display supportJustin Waters
2008-05-14Add old FEC driver from PengutronixJustin Waters
2008-05-14Add MX27 Litekit exception to DPM driverJustin Waters
2008-05-14Backport mach-types to include mx27litekitJustin Waters
2008-05-14i.MX27 Litekit board supportJustin Waters
2008-02-27Removed white space that was causing kernel patches to2.6.24-mx27ads-2008022718292.6.24-mx27-200802271829Daniel Schaeffer
2008-02-27Fixed default config fileDaniel Schaeffer
2008-02-26Fixed MXC IDE compile bugsDaniel Schaeffer
2008-02-25Update log to 80 pixel high logo so that the console canDaniel Schaeffer
2008-02-14Added TimeSys logoDaniel Schaeffer
2008-02-14Update mx27 kernel configDaniel Schaeffer
2008-02-04Moved mx watchdog driverDaniel Schaeffer
2008-02-04FIxed merger error that was only symptomatic during "make clean"Daniel Schaeffer
2008-02-01Misc merge changesDaniel Schaeffer
2008-02-01Fixed LONG() referanceDaniel Schaeffer
2008-02-01Fixed power managment APIDaniel Schaeffer
2008-02-01Merge branch '2.6.24' into 2.6.24-imx27Daniel Schaeffer
2008-01-31Fixed extra version number. It was set at .6 since the orginal tree wasDaniel Schaeffer
2008-01-31Misc merge error fixesDaniel Schaeffer