AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-07-19Add support for DVI monitors3.0-boundary-imx6-3.0.35-4.0.0-ts1Robert Winkler
2013-07-19Revert "nitrogen6x: add OSS audio"Eric Nelson
2013-07-18boundary defconfigs: add Device Mapper for use with Debian installerEric Nelson
2013-07-18Merge branch 'upstream-pulls' of into kelv...Eric Nelson
2013-07-18Merge FEC fix from Freescale 3.5.7 kernel (has not made it into Freescale's 3...Kelvin Lawson
2013-07-17ENGR00271359 Add Multi-touch supportErik Boto
2013-07-17ENGR00271136 Fix build break when CONFIG_CLK_DEBUG is disabledMahesh Mahadevan
2013-07-16Merge branch 'boundary-imx_3.0.35_4.0.0' of Nelson
2013-07-13nitrogen6x: add OSS audioEric Nelson
2013-07-13disable SDMA on UARTsEric Nelson
2013-07-12nit6xlite: Add PWM3 backlight (pwm.backlight.2)Eric Nelson
2013-07-12mx6qsaberlite: Add DVFS, MIPI_CSI2 and PERFMONRobert Winkler
2013-07-09nit6xlite: use SDIO set_power callbackEric Nelson
2013-07-09bcmdhd: Don't add chip id into firmware pathEric Nelson
2013-07-09ARM: 7670/1: fix the memset fixNicolas Pitre
2013-07-09ARM: 7668/1: fix memset-related crashes caused by recent GCC (4.7.2) optimiza...Ivan Djelic
2013-07-07Add AR1010 serial touch screen, enable it in s_defconfigEric Nelson
2013-07-07s: use platform-specific sdio set_power callbackEric Nelson
2013-07-07sdhci/sdhci-esdhc-imx: Allow platform-specific set_power callbackEric Nelson
2013-07-06board-mx6_s: export GPIOs, remove buttonsEric Nelson
2013-07-06s_defconfig: add userspace SPI device supportEric Nelson
2013-07-06board-mx6_s: add GPIOsEric Nelson
2013-07-06board-mx6_s: cleanupEric Nelson
2013-07-06board-mx6_s: add CSPI2Eric Nelson
2013-07-06board-mx6_s: Add GPIO pins, CSPI2Eric Nelson
2013-07-06board-mx6_s: clean up tsc2007 stuffEric Nelson
2013-07-05s: cleanup: no MIPI or adV7x devices, camera and HDMI on I2C3Eric Nelson
2013-07-05video/mxc:sensor_clock: we always use clko2_clk on our boardsEric Nelson
2013-07-05fix typo in ENGR00269604Eric Nelson
2013-07-05ENGR00269604 Fix the set clock-rate for audio & videoMahesh Mahadevan
2013-07-05Revert "i.MX6: Add fix pll4 set_rate callback"Eric Nelson
2013-07-05ENGR00267089 mx6: Amend the definitions of ANADIG_ANA_MISC2_REGx_STEP_TIME_MASKPeter Chan
2013-07-05ENGR00240112-2 crypto: caam: add ecb(aes) crypto algorithm to caam.Zhang Jiejing
2013-07-05ENGR00240112-1 caam: fix user space crypto API support.Zhang Jiejing
2013-07-05ENGR00181680-2 No audio when play 3 streams after 3~10 seconds sometimesb02247
2013-07-05ENGR00181680-1 No audio when play 3 streams after 3~10 seconds sometimesb02247
2013-07-05ENGR00266312 mx6dl: add i2c4 bus support for sabresd/auto, arm2 platformsFugang Duan
2013-07-05ENGR00265061 System hang when running the game lsh.emu.apkguoyin.chen
2013-07-05perf tools: Fix getrusage() related build failure on glibc trunkMarkus Trippelsdorf
2013-07-05preliminary support for Boundary Devices S boardEric Nelson
2013-07-02nitrogen6x: add KSZ9031 supportTroy Kisky
2013-07-02micrel: add ksz9031 supportTroy Kisky
2013-06-28i.MX6: Add fix pll4 set_rate callbackEric Nelson
2013-06-27board-mx6_nitrogen6x: restore imx6q_add_v4l2_outputTroy Kisky
2013-06-27mxc_v4l2_capture: fix power off when closing deviceTroy Kisky
2013-06-13h: wait for power button press/release in pm_power_offEric Nelson
2013-06-13Fix adv7180 patch.Eric Nelson
2013-06-10SABRE Lite/variants: implicitly set SD2 padsEric Nelson
2013-06-09add h_defconfigTroy Kisky
2013-06-09mx6_h: add initial board fileTroy Kisky