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2013-04-18apalis/colibri_t30: mmc: sdhci: hack to make newer cards workMarcel Ziswiler
SDR12, SDR25, SDR50, SDR104 and DDR50 all require 1.8V signalling which our current T30 designs can't do. Newer cards will fail as follows: Kingston 32GB microSDHC class 10 [ 69.000280] mmc1: error -84 whilst initialising SD card SanDisk Mobile Ultra 8GB microSDHC I [ 28.289174] mmc1: error -110 whilst initialising SD card This patch activates a quirk which signals our lack of 1.8V support.
2013-04-18mmc: sdhci: add quirk for lack of 1.8v supportDaniel Drake
The OLPC XO-1.75 laptop includes a SDHCI controller which is 1.8v capable, and it truthfully reports so in its capabilities. This alternate voltage is used for driving new "UHS-I" SD cards at their full speed. However, what the controller doesn't know is that the motherboard physically doesn't have a 1.8v supply available. Add a quirk so that systems such as this one can override disable 1.8v support, adding support for UHS-I cards (by running them at 3.3v). This avoids a problem where the system would first try to run the card at 1.8v, fail, and then not be able to fully reset the card to retry at the normal 3.3v voltage. This is more appropriate than using the MISSING_CAPS quirk, which is intended for cases where the SDHCI controller is actually lying about its capabilities, and would force us to somehow override both caps words from another source. Signed-off-by: Daniel Drake <> Reviewed-by: Philip Rakity <> Signed-off-by: Chris Ball <>
2013-04-16net: asix: fix Ethernet MAC address assignment after suspendMarcel Ziswiler
Turns out after suspend an unbind and bind operation is executed upon which we subsequently gave out the 2nd custom user MAC address followed by the default ASIX MAC address. This patch fixes it by checking for the custom user MAC address upon unbinding and in this case properly releasing it for subsequent reuse.
2013-04-12max9526: commented out some of the warnings. added interlace flag. fixed ↵Peter Gielda
resolution for PAL/NTSC.
2013-04-12tegra_v4l2: added interlaced video handling for VIPPeter Gielda
2013-04-12tegra_v4l2: map memory as non-cachable and fix the allocation problemPeter Gielda
2013-04-12tegra_v4l2: fixed bugs in memory allocation/deallocationPeter Gielda
2013-04-02input: touchscreen: android ics fusion_F0710A driver variantMarcel Ziswiler
For Android use ICS variant of Fusion 7 and 10 multi-touch driver (See Fusion 7 and 10 drivers for Linux.pdf and Linux Drivers Fusion Tested to be working both with Android 4.0.4 for Colibri T20 as well as Android 4.2.1 for Colibri T30.
2013-04-02colibri_t20: android: enable back key wakeMarcel Ziswiler
Enable the back key as a wake-up source as well.
2013-04-02colibri_t20: android: use 32bppMarcel Ziswiler
Use 32 rather than 16 bits per pixel as otherwise it looks so ugly.
2013-03-26media: adv7180: Modify to work with soc_cameraAndrew Chew
This involved adding some callback methods, and pretending that this is a YUV sensor. Signed-off-by: Andrew Chew <>
2013-03-24colibri_t20: android: kernel configurationMarcel Ziswiler
Add initial Android kernel configuration adopted from tegra_android_defconfig.
2013-03-24Revert "colibri_t20: android: 720p as default none VGA TFTLCD resolution"Marcel Ziswiler
Due to 720p not working well with most regular analogue screens and as customers rather might want to evaluate using our 7 inch EDT ET070080DH6 panel revert to 800x480 if not default VGA TFTLCD resolution is chosen. This reverts commit 0fc41ea361c79175f2076a349a0ba0dcc7e71131.
2013-03-24colibri_t20: android: revert to default VGA TFTLCD resolutionMarcel Ziswiler
As customers might want to evaluate using a regular VGA screen or our 5.7 inch EDT ET057090DHU panel revert to default VGA TFTLCD resolution. This is a partial revert of the following commit: 106ac0436290a98ecc5e3dfc75d0d7f104ef0ff4
2013-03-24input: touchscreen: wm97xx-core: android idc parser hackMarcel Ziswiler
The Android idc parser seems to have an issue with spaces in names: D/EventHub( 159): No input device configuration file found for device 'wm97xx touchscreen'. Rename the driver in order for the idc parser to recognise idc file /system/usr/idc/wm97xx-ts.idc being a simple copy of the qwerty.idc one.
2013-03-24input: touchscreen: wm97xx-core: android orientation hackMarcel Ziswiler
Rotate touch for now due to missing resistive touch calibration integration. This makes our 5.7 inch EDT ET057090DHU panel usable.
2013-03-24colibri_t20: fix menu-keyMarcel Ziswiler
Due to a strong pull-down on the menu-key multiplexed ACC1_DETECT pin Android unintentionally entered safe-mode. Fix this by making the menu-key active-high as well.
2013-03-14apalis_t30: Realtek HDA hackApalis_T30_LinuxImageV2.0Alpha1_20130315Marcel Ziswiler
Hack for Realtek HDA driver not to crash due to PCI structure not being initialised as expected.
2013-03-14apalis_t30: default full HD LVDS resolutionMarcel Ziswiler
By default configure for LG LP156WF1 15.6 inch full HD dual channel LVDS panel.
2013-03-14apalis_t30: audio: integrate HDA codec supportMarcel Ziswiler
Integrate support for the Realtek ALC898 as found on the Apalis Evaluation Board V1.0a. Please note that the following HDA rewiring needs to be done: remove jumpers X6-5 and 7 to 9 rewire as follows: X5 X7 5 9 7 8 8 5 9 7 Please further note that currently only noise is heard during playback.
2013-03-13board-colibri-t20: do not set PWM<A>, PWM<D> as GPIO inputMax Krummenacher
SODIMM-59, SODIMM-67 is no longer a GPIO and thus the PWM are usable again. PWM<D>
2013-03-12colibri_t20/30: usb: otg: fix host to peripheral transitionMarcel Ziswiler
Fix null pointer during USB OTG host to peripheral transition caused by freeing the platform data twice. See the following Tegra OTG driver commit for reference: 8acf989d5896b152cc88f8b29afd11d522f903e3
2013-03-12colibri_t20/30: can: integrate mcp251x and sja1000 supportMarcel Ziswiler
Integrate CAN support for the Colibri Evaluation Board V3.1a with built-in MCP2515 SPI CAN controller resp. the Colibri Evaluation Board V2.1c with its built-in SJA1000 CAN controller connected to the GMI bus. The following kernel configuration needs to be enabled as well: CONFIG_CAN CONFIG_CAN_RAW CONFIG_CAN_BCM CONFIG_CAN_DEV Plus depending on the Evaluation Board revision: CONFIG_CAN_MCP251X or CONFIG_CAN_SJA1000 CONFIG_CAN_SJA1000_PLATFORM Optional support for 32-bit GMI as well as xPOD CAN on MECS Tellurium for Colibri T20 is provided via commented defines in arch/arm/mach-tegra/board-colibri_t20.h.
2013-03-06colibri_t30: android: kernel configurationMarcel Ziswiler
Add initial Android kernel configuration adopted from tegra3_android_defconfig.
2013-03-06colibri_t30: android: enable hdaMarcel Ziswiler
Unless HDA driver is enabled device enters safe mode upon start-up.
2013-03-06colibri_t30: android: hack to allow using cardhu initrdMarcel Ziswiler
NVIDIA's Android for their Cardhu developer tablet is looking for the machine name in order to initialise certain things. For now just hack it to be able to use their regular initrd.
2013-03-06colibri_t30: android: 32 bits per pixelMarcel Ziswiler
Android uses 32 bits per pixel and fails otherwise. While at it increase the default DVI-D aka HDMI resolution to full HD.
2013-03-03colibri_t20/30: v4l2: max9526 integrationMarcel Ziswiler
Integrate MAX9526 video decoder support as found on our analogous camera module (ACM) connected to a Colibri Evaluation carrier board. The following kernel configuration options are required to be enabled: CONFIG_VIDEO_V4L2=y CONFIG_SOC_CAMERA=y CONFIG_SOC_CAMERA_MAX9526=y CONFIG_VIDEO_TEGRA=y
2013-03-03max9526 driverPeter Gielda
2013-03-03tegra: When using V4L2, don't use vi client.Andrew Chew
The VI client within drivers/video/tegra is mutually exclusive with the Tegra V4L2 framework, since they both want to own the camera hardware. Signed-off-by: Andrew Chew <>
2013-03-03Make it accessible outside of drivers/video/tegra. V4L2 driver needs toAndrew Chew
set some platform_data. Signed-off-by: Andrew Chew <>
2013-03-03Conflicts:Marcel Ziswiler
arch/arm/mach-tegra/common.c drivers/ata/ahci-tegra.c
2013-03-02colibri_t20/30: move gpio definesMarcel Ziswiler
Move GPIO defines to header file. While at it get rid of spurious AVDD_DSI_CSI_ENB_GPIO define.
2013-03-02apalis/colibri_t30: clean-up defines in header fileMarcel Ziswiler
Re-arrange defines in header file.
2013-03-02apalis/colibri_t30:Marcel Ziswiler
Get rid of spurious AC_PRESENT_GPIO/INT defines.
2013-03-02colibri_t30: 4-bit mmc/sd cardMarcel Ziswiler
Explicitly configure MMC/SD card as 4-bit only by default.
2013-03-02colibri_t20/30: rename uartsMarcel Ziswiler
Rename UARTs to be consistent with Colibri FF/BT/STDUART naming.
2013-03-02colibri_t20/30: rename pwm ledsMarcel Ziswiler
Rename PWM LEDs to be consistent with Colibri PWM<X> naming.
2013-03-02apalis/colibri_t20/30: migrate gpio to irq conversionMarcel Ziswiler
Migrate from static TEGRA_GPIO_TO_IRQ macro to run-time gpio_to_irq function. While at it clean-up some comments and fix some long lines in order to adhere to Linux kernel coding style.
2013-03-02apalis_t30: clocks clean-upMarcel Ziswiler
Clean-up clocks. HDA clocks are of course required on Apalis T30.
2013-03-02apalis_t30: power: fix fixed regulator init namingMarcel Ziswiler
Fix naming of fixed regulator initialisation function.
2013-03-02apalis_t30: fix can init namingMarcel Ziswiler
Fix naming of CAN initialisation function.
2013-03-02tegra: makefile clean-upMarcel Ziswiler
Move Apalis T30 specific entries for alphabetical consistency. Put Colibri T30 items in alphabetical order.
2013-02-21colibri_t30: enable back key wake-upMarcel Ziswiler
Enable back key wake-up source.
2013-02-21colibri_t30: fix gpio-key pull-upsMarcel Ziswiler
Due to missing pull-ups on the gpio-key pins Android unintentionally entered safe-mode.
2013-02-21input: touchscreen: stmpe-ts: android orientation hackMarcel Ziswiler
Rotate touch for now due to missing resistive touch calibration integration. This makes our 7 inch EDT ET070080DH6 panel usable.
2013-02-20apalis_t30: fix 24 bpp rgb outputMarcel Ziswiler
Activate 24 bpp RGB output. Please not that this is just the backend configuration. For true 24 bpp output the framebuffer as well as driver have to be configured for 24 resp. 32 bpp as well.
2013-02-19apalis_t30: fix analog audioMarcel Ziswiler
The audio_port_id in the audio platform data really has to be the index of the registered tegra_i2s_device rather than the I2S interface instance.
2013-02-19apalis_t30: enable b43 driver as moduleMarcel Ziswiler
Enable building b43 driver as a module to demo Broadcom AirForce BCM4311 based mini-PCIe Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g module.
2013-02-19apalis_t30: reset PLX PEX 8605 PCIe switchMarcel Ziswiler
Reset PLX PEX 8605 PCIe Switch on Apalis Evaluation Board to enable X43, X44 and X45.