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2013-07-02arm: tegra: roth: Enable FAST init mode for smps9daily-2013.07.29.2_rel-roth-mp-3-partnerdaily-2013.07.29.1_rel-roth-mp-3-partnerdaily-2013.07.29.0_rel-roth-mp-3-partnerdaily-2013.07.26.1_rel-roth-mp-3-partnerdaily-2013.07.26.0_rel-roth-mp-3-partnerAnshul Jain
2013-06-25video: tegra: dc: hdmi: calling tegra_hotplug_signal to queue deferred worksharath sarangpur
2013-06-21drivers:misc:issp: Hold wakelock while recoveryAnshul Jain
2013-06-21misc: issp: Add usb js recovery mechanismAnshul Jain
2013-06-20input: misc: inv: Add critical section protection for power on/offXiaohui Tao
2013-06-20input: misc: Change self test variationXiaohui Tao
2013-06-18ARM: tegra: config: set panic timeout 5 secsJean Huang
2013-06-17drivers:misc:issp: Reset Device on USB resume failAnshul Jain
2013-06-17firmware: p2560-uc firmware update v59Jun Yan
2013-06-07arm: tegra: thor: fix wlan-bt power sequenceMichael Hsu
2013-06-05video: tegra: host: Do not reset MC on powerup_resetMatt Wagner
2013-06-05net: wireless: bcmdhd: mask excessive wifi chip interruptsMichael Hsu
2013-06-05firmware: p2560-uc firmware updateJun Yan
2013-05-31firmware: p2560-uc firmware updateAnshul Jain
2013-05-31video: tegra: host: Disable Powergate for T114 3dMatt Wagner
2013-05-30firmware: p2560-uc update v55Anshul Jain
2013-05-30asoc: roth: Headphone detection improvementScott Peterson
2013-05-24power: bq2419x: disable otg for 30s when fault happensSyed Rafiuddin
2013-05-24ARM: tegra: dvfs: Don't fail same level override requestAlex Frid
2013-05-23misc: nct1008: talk to nct1008 only when poweredSang-Hun Lee
2013-05-23input: misc: inv: disable irq when powering offSang-Hun Lee
2013-05-23Input: touch: raydium: Update to Raydium v56.1 driverXiaohui Tao
2013-05-23ARM:Tegra:Roth: Update speaker settingsScott Peterson
2013-05-23HDCP: Only Wait for Communication to stop if HDMI is PluggedMatt Wagner
2013-05-22ARM: tegra: board: disable the alignement fixSuresh Mangipudi
2013-05-21net: wireless: bcmdhd: new driver version
2013-05-21arch: arm: tegra11: Disable wifi prepowerNitin Bindal
2013-05-21input: touch: raydium: Update to Raydium v55.9 driverXiaohui Tao
2013-05-21ARM: tegra: roth: Mask HS200 mode supportPavan Kunapuli
2013-05-21mmc: Limit MMC speed to 52MHz if not HS200Al Cooper
2013-05-21mmc: core: fix the decision of HS200/DDR card-typeSeungwon Jeon
2013-05-21ARM: Tegra: Roth: Increase Drive Strength for 4KMatt Wagner
2013-05-21bcmdhd: Clear dhd driver hang eventMichael Hsu
2013-05-21video: tegra: dsi: Enable MIPI auto calibrationVineel Kumar Reddy Kovvuri
2013-05-21video: tegra: dsi: Enable MIPI auto calibrationVineel Kumar Reddy Kovvuri
2013-05-17ARM: tegra: roth: Add force update to P2560Anshul Jain
2013-05-17firmware: p2560-uc update v52Anshul Jain
2013-05-17power: bq2419x: Update charger typePradeep Goudagunta
2013-05-16perf: Treat attr.config as u64 in perf_swevent_init()Tommi Rantala
2013-05-16ARM: Tegra: Roth: Update DSI SettingsMatt Wagner
2013-05-16arm: roth: Add regulator for fuseShardar Shariff Md
2013-05-15firmware: p2560-uc updateAnshul Jain
2013-05-15tegra: dc: don't call tegra_dc_hpd in atomic contextRay Poudrier
2013-05-15ARM: Tegra: Roth: Update HDMI SettingsMatt Wagner
2013-05-15HDCP: finish hdmi access before turning nvhdcp offRakesh Iyer
2013-05-15input: misc: MPU sensor disable LPAErik Lilliebjerg
2013-05-13Revert "mmc: core: Retries WAR for SDIO RW CMD"Pavan Kunapuli
2013-05-13ARM: tegra: roth: Remove pm_flags settingsPavan Kunapuli
2013-05-09net: wireless: bcmdhd: removed duplicated definesNarayan Reddy
2013-05-08misc: Remove debugfs warning on tfa9887Scott Peterson