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2012-02-22ENGR00174734-3 usb: change function name for discharge data linerel_imx_3.0.15_12.02.013.0-imx6-12.02.01-201202221138Peter Chen
2012-02-22ENGR00174734-2 usb: fix bugs that dp and dm are floating at device modePeter Chen
2012-02-22ENGR00174734-1 usb: need to discharge both dp and dmPeter Chen
2012-02-22ENGR00174916 MX6x, console output hang 20 seconds when system bootupSandor Yu
2012-02-22ENGR00174911 MX6x Setting HDMI default mode according bootload cmdlineSandor Yu
2012-02-21ENGR00174925 HDMI Kernel panic whatever plug in or plug outAlan Tull
2012-02-17ENGR00174809 hdmi audio oops in hdmi_dma_mmap_copyAlan Tull
2012-02-17ENGR00173964 make hdmi audio init dependent on hdmi video initAlan Tull
2012-02-17ENGR00174652 i.mx6: explicitly set the LPM mode to run mode during early bootupJason Liu
2012-02-17ENGR00174630 [MX6]Disable GPT serial clockAnson Huang
2012-02-16ENGR00174540: i.mx6: anatop_regulator: LDO voltage print not correctlyJason Liu
2012-02-16ENGR00174532 [MX6Q]Change 2D clock to 480MLarry Li
2012-02-15ENGR00174569: MX6 - Disable WAIT mode by defaultRanjani Vaidyanathan
2012-02-15ENGR00172274-02 - [MX6]: rework IEEE-1588 in MX6Q Sabre-lite/sd board.Fugang Duan
2012-02-14ENGR00174381 imx6q-sabreauto: spdif remove tx clock settingsAdrian Alonso
2012-02-14ENGR00174437 ESAI: Add cs42888 build support in Makefile.Lionel Xu
2012-02-14ENGR00174399 ASRC: fix mmap fail bugChen Liangjun
2012-02-14ENGR00174323 vpu: Fix system hang issue of multi-instances processingSammy He
2012-02-14ENGR00174243 MIPI_DSI: mipi dsi panel enable should be after IPU initWayne Zou
2012-02-13ENGR00174315 MX6Q max7310 set the default value of PCIE PWR ctrl2 to lowRichard Zhu
2012-02-13ENGR00174316 MX6Q ARM2: Fix ov5640_mipi IOMUX incorrect configureEven Xu
2012-02-13ENGR00174311: [MX6Q]USDHC: SD3.0 card failed to workRyan QIAN
2012-02-13ENGR00174310 [MX6Q]USDHC: DDR50 mode for SD3.0 is not supported yetRyan QIAN
2012-02-13ENGR00174307 [mx6 mmc]fix build warningTony Lin
2012-02-13ENGR00174302 [MX6]Clean build warningAnson Huang
2012-02-13ENGR00174295-02:[MX6]USDHC: ddr mode is masked on slots with no 1.8v support.Ryan QIAN
2012-02-13ENGR00174295-01 Revert "ENGR173939 Skip sending S18R on slots with no 1.8V"Ryan QIAN
2012-02-13ENGR00174242 usb: device: Improve discharge dp operationPeter Chen
2012-02-10ENGR00174232 [mx6q perfmon]PDM No. TKT055916: remove workaround for TO1.1Tony Lin
2012-02-10ENGR00174224 [MX6Q]: Add new AR6003 driver to 3.0.15 into default configRyan QIAN
2012-02-10ENGR00174033-2 MX6 PCIE: add pcie RC driverRichard Zhu
2012-02-10ENGR00174033-1 MX6 PCIE: add pcie RC driverRichard Zhu
2012-02-10ENGR00174128-3 Revert "Remove the discharge for VBUS and DP -3"Peter Chen
2012-02-10ENGR00174128-2 Revert "Remove the discharge for VBUS and DP-2"Peter Chen
2012-02-10ENGR00174128-1 Revert "Remove the discharge for VBUS and DP-1"Peter Chen
2012-02-09ENGR00174094 i.MX6DL: Change CPU voltages to 1VNancy Chen
2012-02-09ENGR00174152 i.mx6/clock: set ddr clock parent to pll2_mfd_400MJason Liu
2012-02-09ENGR00174124: Revert "[USB Host]change the default wakeup value of RH"Peter Chen
2012-02-09ENGR00174103 [usb hsic] add usb hsic support for mx6dlTony LIU
2012-02-09ENGR00174037-3 Add HSIC suspend/resume featureTony LIU
2012-02-09ENGR00174037-2 Add HSIC suspend/resume featureTony LIU
2012-02-09ENGR00174037-1 Add HSIC suspend/resume featureTony LIU
2012-02-08ENGR00172342-2 EDID parse audio data blocksAlan Tull
2012-02-08ENGR00172342-1 EDID parse audio data blocksAlan Tull
2012-02-08ENGR00171353 MIPI_DSI: mipi display blank and unblank fail fixedWayne Zou
2012-02-08ENGR00174054-2: imx6_defconfig: enable CONFIG_COMPACTIONJason Liu
2012-02-08ENGR00174054-1: i.mx6_defconfig: sync imx6_defconfig with v3.0.15Jason Liu
2012-02-08ENGR00173962 Added HDMI enable functionSandor Yu
2012-02-08ENGR00174039 camera: modify camera driversYuxi Sun
2012-02-08ENGR00173864 MX6Q ipu capture: add multi camera switchYuxi Sun