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2013-08-16ENGR00275459 mx6sl: csi/v4l: fix kernel dump when do repeated streamon/streamoffrel_imx_3.0.35_4.1.0_rc3rel_imx_3.0.35_4.1.0Robby Cai
2013-08-15ENGR00275391 i.mx6d/q: disable the double linefill feature of PL310Jason Liu
2013-08-08ENGR00274493 mx6sl: csi/v4l: Fix capture incorrect data with format UYVYrel_imx_3.0.35_4.1.0_rc2Robby Cai
2013-08-08ENGR00273432 DMA: imx-sdma: Allocate 4KB iram page size for bdNicolin Chen
2013-08-08ENGR00273973-2 Revert "ENGR00270573-1 [MX6SL]Add support for dynamic Power GatiRobby Cai
2013-08-08ENGR00273973-1 Revert "ENGR00270573-2 [MX6SL]Add support for dynamic Power GatiRobby Cai
2013-08-08ENGR00274382 imx6q: fix can transceiver unwork on AI RevE baseboardDong Aisheng
2013-07-31ENGR00273044 imx6_defconfig: enable CONFIG_USB_EHCI_TT_NEWSCHEDPeter Chen
2013-07-25ENGR00272597 mx6-msl: usb: fix building warning when only build host driverrel_imx_3.0.35_4.1.0_rc1Peter Chen
2013-07-25Fix for tcrypt test_ahash_speed function.Winston Hudson
2013-07-25ENGR00272135 msl-mx6: usb-h1: Fix the bug that using the wrong registerPeter Chen
2013-07-25ENGR00272022 msl-mx6: usb: wait PHY clock stable explicitlyPeter Chen
2013-07-25ENGR00271977-2 imx6{s}_defconfig: enable ARM_ERRATA_775420Jason Liu
2013-07-25ENGR00271977-1 imx6_defconfig: enable PL310_ERRATA_769419Jason Liu
2013-07-25ARM: 7541/1: Add ARM ERRATA 775420 workaroundSimon Horman
2013-07-25ENGR00270573-2 [MX6SL]Add support for dynamic Power Gating of the display MIXRanjani Vaidyanathan
2013-07-25ENGR00270573-1 [MX6SL]Add support for dynamic Power Gating of the display MIXRanjani Vaidyanathan
2013-07-25ENGR00255073 crypto: kernel dump when do crypto module speed test in single modeJason Liu
2013-07-19ENGR00271566 usb: otg: comment otg_statemachine which we do not needPeter Chen
2013-07-19ENGR00271718 ASoC: Fix check for symmetric rate enforcementNicolin Chen
2013-07-19ENGR00268119 ASoC: WM8962: Fix tilted left-right volume setting for ADCNicolin Chen
2013-07-18ENGR00271053-3 mx6sl: csi/v4l2: remove PAGE_ALIGN for image size calculationRobby Cai
2013-07-18ENGR00271053-2 mx6sl: csi/v4l2: add strict check for crop settingRobby Cai
2013-07-18ENGR00271053-1 mx6sl: csi/v4l2: add cropcap ioctl supportRobby Cai
2013-07-18ENGR00271609 mmc: correct the wrong calculation of the boot sizeRichard Zhu
2013-07-18ENGR00271577 sdma: fix the compiling warningHuang Shijie
2013-07-17ENGR00271344L Fix for ENGR00267024 introduced compilation warningJay Monkman
2013-07-17ENGR00261419 MX6Q HDMI CEC: Unit test failed put TV to powerdown.Sandor Yu
2013-07-17ENGR00269623 mlb150: fix compile warningDong Aisheng
2013-07-15ENGR00270802 usb: otg: delete redundant vbus off operationPeter Chen
2013-07-15ENGR00269468 IPUv3 dev:Silence an annoying warning messageLiu Ying
2013-07-15ENGR00270996 net:fec: fix fec probe fail due to gpio_irq check errorFugang Duan
2013-07-15ENGR00270697-2 net:fec: correct fec MDC clock sourceFugang Duan
2013-07-15ENGR00270697-1 MX6: correct fec MDC clock sourceFugang Duan
2013-07-12ENGR00262502-2 [MX6Q/MX6DLS]Add commandline option to route enet irq to gpioRanjani Vaidyanathan
2013-07-12ENGR00262502-1 [MX6Q/MX6DLS]Add commandline option to route enet irq to gpioRanjani Vaidyanathan
2013-07-12ENGR00269619 mxc vout:improve vb handling for 3 field deinterlacingLiu Ying
2013-07-11ENGR00270401 ASoC: imx-wm8962: Add parameters checking for hw_paramsNicolin Chen
2013-07-11ENGR00263553 fb: Change type uint to unsigned int in struct mxcfb_update_dataRobby Cai
2013-07-10ENGR00255733 MX6SL: Enable DISPLAY power gating only on TO1.2Robby Cai
2013-07-10ENGR00269827 mx6sl: lcdif: fix lcd timing settingRobby Cai
2013-07-10ENGR00261293-2 mx6sl: csi/v4l2: add hflip/vflip/rotation supportRobby Cai
2013-07-10ENGR00261293-1 mx6sl: csi/v4l2: resize function not work for v4l2 captureRobby Cai
2013-07-10ENGR00265414-8 mxc: asrc: Improve channel setting interfaceNicolin Chen
2013-07-10ENGR00265414-7 mxc: asrc: Set ASRC processing clock to recommended valueNicolin Chen
2013-07-10ENGR00265414-6 mxc: asrc: Use same part of code for 3 pair configurationNicolin Chen
2013-07-10ENGR00265414-5 mxc: asrc: Remove duplicated codeNicolin Chen
2013-07-10ENGR00265414-4 mxc: asrc: Reconstruct req_pair()Nicolin Chen
2013-07-10ENGR00265414-3 mxc: asrc: Add missing input clock and output clockNicolin Chen
2013-07-10ENGR00265414-2 mxc: asrc: Fix wrong comments for the I/O P/D offsetNicolin Chen