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2015-06-24MLK-11151 usb: chipidea: otg: drive vbus off if fsm.drv_vbus is truerel_imx_3.14.38_6qp_betaPeter Chen
2015-06-24MLK-11137 usb: chipidea: host: add own hc_driver for each hcdPeter Chen
2015-06-24MLK-11159-2 Revert "MLK-11092 ARM: imx6: set pl310 l2 cache prefetch offset t...Robby Cai
2015-06-24MLK-11159-1 Revert "MLK-11114 ARM: imx6: disable double linefill feature on 6QP"Robby Cai
2015-06-24MLK-11160 pci: imx: enlarge the delay time after resumeRichard Zhu
2015-06-24MLK-11132 usb: chipidea: otg: delay suspend for a_wait_vfallLi Jun
2015-06-23MLK-9897-2 usb: otg-fsm: check B-device state before sending polling requestLi Jun
2015-06-23mmc: sdhci-esdhc-imx: avoid DMA to kernel stackRussell King
2015-06-16MLK-11114 ARM: imx6: disable double linefill feature on 6QPBai Ping
2015-06-15MLK-10945 ARM: imx: correct busfreq flow for i.mx6qp/dq/dlAnson Huang
2015-06-15MGS-755 [#1779] fix vg context buffer memory leakXianzhong
2015-06-12MGS-577 ARM: Export the cache management symbols when !MULTI_CACHEShawn Xiao
2015-06-12MLK-11098: arm: imx: set imx6qp eim_slow to 132MhzGao Pan
2015-06-12MLK-11092 ARM: imx6: set pl310 l2 cache prefetch offset to zeroBai Ping
2015-06-12MLK-10828 thermal: imx: update the temperature calibration data for i.mx6Bai Ping
2015-06-11MLK-11082 mxc IPUv3: common: Explicitly set IDMAC0/1/2/3 AXI ID for various SoCsLiu Ying
2015-06-10MGS-797 [#1772] fix gpu hang with the loadable galcoreXianzhong
2015-06-10MLK-11078 video: mxc ipuv3 fb: reduce debug level for PRE allocation failureLiu Ying
2015-06-09MLK-11066 video: mxc ipuv3 fb: check tile block after blank check in pan displayLiu Ying
2015-06-08ENGR00298052-5 ARM: dts: imx6qdl-sabresd: support Hannstar CABCLiu Ying
2015-06-08ENGR00264465-1 arm: dts: imx6qdl-sabresd:Add LVDS CABC pinmuxLiu Ying
2015-06-05MLK-11055 video: mxc ipuv3 fb: Fix wrong pixel component map when PRE is enabledLiu Ying
2015-06-05MLK-10923 arm: pci: use the i2c expansion perst on imx6qpRichard Zhu
2015-06-05MLK-10994-5 usb: chipidea: otg: fix NULL pointer dereference when unload modulePeter Chen
2015-06-05MLK-10903-2: ASoC: imx_spdif: add snd_soc_pm_opsShengjiu Wang
2015-06-05MLK-10903-1: ASoC: fsl_spdif: remove cache only in suspend/resumeShengjiu Wang
2015-06-05ASoC: Replace list_empty(&card->codec_dev_list) with !card->instantiatedLars-Peter Clausen
2015-06-03MLK-10960 thermal: imx: add a mutex to make sure tempmon setting changed safelyBai Ping
2015-06-01MLK-11007 Revert "MLK-10998 video: mxc ipuv3 fb: Fix wrong pixel component ma...Robby Cai
2015-05-29MLK-10934 mtd: use memcpy to replace the memcpy_fromioHuang Shijie
2015-05-29MLK-10998 video: mxc ipuv3 fb: Fix wrong pixel component map when PRE is enabledLiu Ying
2015-05-28MGS-622 [#1729] Suspend/resume test cause GPU hangShawn Xiao
2015-05-28MLK-9606-1 usb: otg: test: add otg test device into otg and EH TPLLi Jun
2015-05-28MLK-9617-19 usb: otg: test: show warning message for unsupported otg test devLi Jun
2015-05-28MLK-9829 usb: core: print suggested message if failed to get device descriptorLi Jun
2015-05-28MLK-10983 : ARM: imx: gpc: wait PU LDO ramp before GPU power up on i.mx6qpRobin Gong
2015-05-25MLK-10742 ARM: dts: imx6qp-sabreauto: Enable prefetch for the four mxcfbsLiu Ying
2015-05-25MLK-10957 : ARM: imx: gpc: do not turn off PU in GPC probeRobin Gong
2015-05-22MLK-10937 video: mxc ipuv3 fb: Correct cur_blank for set_par bailout if no PR...Liu Ying
2015-05-22MLK-10862-2 mxc IPUv3: cpmem: SMFC chan 12bit 3 planar burst size fixupLiu Ying
2015-05-22MLK-10862-1 mxc IPUv3: common: Move the helper _ipu_is_smfc_chan() to ipu_prv.hLiu Ying
2015-05-20MLK-10929 media: mxc: vout: fix the vout->task_lock dead lock issueJason Liu
2015-05-18MLK-10894 pci: imx: Error message and kernel dump happens after resumeRichard Zhu
2015-05-14MLK-10893: i2c: imx: add irqf_no_suspendgaopan
2015-05-13MLK-10750 usb: chipidea: otg: remove otg fsm before destory gdaget and hostLi Jun
2015-05-13MLK-10803 media: mxc: vout: fix the race condition for multiple disaplayJason Liu
2015-05-12MLK-10837 dts: imx6qp-sabreauto: enable cut power of usdhc3 slotDong Aisheng
2015-05-08MLK-10819 dts: imx6qp-sabreaudo: add flexcan1 supportDong Aisheng
2015-05-08MLK-10786 mxc ipuv3 fb: Correct ->cur_blank in bailout of ->set_par due to no...Liu Ying
2015-05-08MLK-10785 mxc ipuv3 fb: Correct ->resolve in bailout of ->set_par due to no PRELiu Ying