AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-12-20arm: tegra: dc: corrct order to enable/disable dc irqJong Kim
2012-12-20arm: tegra: fb: Update line_length using display widthJong Kim
2012-12-18net: wireless: bcmdhd: Do not use P2PMursalin Akon
2012-12-17ARM: tegra3: pm315/beaver: enable Realtek ALC5640 audio codec supportBryan Wu
2012-12-17video: tegra: clear fb2 unspecified by bootloaderJong Kim
2012-12-17arm: tegra: display: handle fbmem2 cmdline parameterJong Kim
2012-12-17arm: tegra: display: provide framebuffer clear functionJong Kim
2012-12-17media: ov5640: Add Omnivision OV5640 supportAndrew Chew
2012-12-17media: tegra: enable a clock for VIP in APB MISC registerBryan Wu
2012-12-17tegra: Add nvmap_mark_global()Andrew Chew
2012-12-17tegra: Add function to release resourcesAndrew Chew
2012-12-17media: tegra: Tegra videobuf2Andrew Chew
2012-12-17media: tegra: Tegra V4L2 cameraAndrew Chew
2012-12-17media: tegra: Add docs for Tegra V4L2 cameraAndrew Chew
2012-12-17tegra_camera: fix building error when disable CONFIG_TEGRA_CAMERABryan Wu
2012-12-14media: video: tegra: nvavp: Fix nvmap handle issueGajanan Bhat
2012-12-07usb: tegra: conditionally set wake enablePreetham Chandru R
2012-12-05ARM: tegra: p852: Fix misbracketed cond clauseAndrew Chew
2012-12-04config: tegra3: BT and HID optionsMursalin Akon
2012-12-04bluetooth: hid: make Android code conditionalMursalin Akon
2012-12-04config: tegra3: enable RFKILL_GPIOMursalin Akon
2012-11-28arm: tegra: config: enable SATA for L4TBibek Basu
2012-11-28arm: tegra: ahci/sata: check sata against board idBibek Basu
2012-11-28arm: tegra: cardhu: add support for PM315Bibek Basu
2012-11-02arm: tegra: fb: Update fix line_lengthtegra-l4t-r16r2-rcShashank Sharma
2012-11-02arm : tegra2 : do not power off the phy in suspendPreetham Chandru R
2012-10-12ARM: tegra: rename fuse driverPreetham Chandru R
2012-10-10ARM: tegra: ventana: disable usb1 vbus gpioPreetham Chandru R
2012-10-09asoc: tegra: WAR: Check AVP id before setting DMAShashank Sharma
2012-10-04enabling P2P for bcmdhd driverMursalin Akon
2012-10-04config: use CFG80211 for bcmdhdMursalin Akon
2012-10-04bcmdhd: use the wiphy from private data structure (i.e., wl_priv)Mursalin Akon
2012-10-04bcmdhd: do not turn off mmc at probeMursalin Akon
2012-10-04net: wireless: bcmdhd: cleanup Kconfig/MakeMursalin Akon
2012-10-01arm: tegra: fb: Apply new mode even if its currentShashank Sharma
2012-10-01arm: tegra: cardhu: Reserve 16MB on RAM for HDMIShashank Sharma
2012-10-01video: tegra: fb: Configure dc from fbShashank Sharma
2012-10-01ARM: tegra: fix-up tegra_gpio enable/diablse defsMatt Pedro
2012-09-30ARM: tegra: fix-up definition by adding 'static'Matt Pedro
2012-09-30ARM: tegra: Fix missing functions in gpio headerMatt Pedro
2012-09-20cpufreq: interactive: Unify Governor Lock StrategyMatt Wagner
2012-09-17arm: tegra: raise cpu floor when display is onWen Yi
2012-09-13arm: tegra: usb_phy: set vbus_reg to NULLPetlozu Pravareshwar
2012-09-12usb: gadget: tegra: check vbus before run bit setRohith Seelaboyina
2012-09-11Revert "ARM: tegra: cardhu: set I2S as slave mode"Sumit Bhattacharya
2012-09-11cpufreq: interactive: Add Uevent Signal on Gov StartMatt Wagner
2012-09-11video: tegra: host: add idle time estimate in 3dfsIlan Aelion
2012-09-10WAR: gr3d: limit 3d clock when camera is onJihoon Bang
2012-09-10tegra: dc: Fix div by zero in frame time computation.Raghavendra VK
2012-09-10ARM: mutex: use generic atomic_dec-based implementation for ARMv6+Will Deacon