AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-05-22Merge git:// Torvalds
2008-05-22[CIFS] Fix reversed memset argumentsDave Jones
2008-05-22Adds username in the upcall key for unattended mounts with keytabIgor Mammedov
2008-05-21Merge git:// Torvalds
2008-05-21Merge git:// Torvalds
2008-05-21sparc64: Prevent stack backtrace false positives on trap frames.David S. Miller
2008-05-22[CIFS] Remove redundant NULL checkSteve French
2008-05-21sparc64: Fix stack tracing through trap frames.David S. Miller
2008-05-21sparc64: Fix kernel thread stack termination.David S. Miller
2008-05-21net: The world is not perfect patch.Rami Rosen
2008-05-21tcp: Make prior_ssthresh a u32Ilpo Järvinen
2008-05-21xfrm_user: Remove zero length key checks.David S. Miller
2008-05-21net/ipv4/arp.c: Use common hex_asc helpersDenis Cheng
2008-05-21cassini: Only use chip checksum for ipv4 packets.David S. Miller
2008-05-21HTC_EGPIO is ARM-onlytip-x86-ldt-2008-05-26_08_53_Montip-pci-for-jesse-2008-05-26_08_52_MonAl Viro
2008-05-21provide out-of-line strcat() for m68kAl Viro
2008-05-21caiaq endianness fixAl Viro
2008-05-21MODULE_LICENSE expects "GPL v2", not "GPLv2"Al Viro
2008-05-21msnd_* is ISA-onlyAl Viro
2008-05-21missing dependencies on HAS_DMAAl Viro
2008-05-21ocfs2 endianness fixesAl Viro
2008-05-21irda-usb endianness annotations and fixesAl Viro
2008-05-21sbus bpp: instances missed in s/dev_name/bpp_dev_name/Al Viro
2008-05-21ecryptfs fixesAl Viro
2008-05-21misc drivers/net endianness noiseAl Viro
2008-05-21thanks to net/mac80211 we need to pull drivers/leds/Kconfig on umlAl Viro
2008-05-21missing export of csum_partial() on uml/amd64Al Viro
2008-05-21uml: add missing exports for UML_RANDOM=mAl Viro
2008-05-21fix hppfs Makefile breakageAl Viro
2008-05-21fix include order in sys-i386/registers.cAl Viro
2008-05-21missed kmalloc() in pcap_user.cAl Viro
2008-05-21tcp: TCP connection times out if ICMP frag needed is delayedSridhar Samudrala
2008-05-21netfilter: Move linux/types.h inclusions outside of #ifdef __KERNEL__Patrick McHardy
2008-05-21af_key: Fix selector family initialization.Kazunori MIYAZAWA
2008-05-20sunhv: Fix locking in non-paged I/O case.David S. Miller
2008-05-20Merge git:// Torvalds
2008-05-21[CIFS] Remove debug statementSteve French
2008-05-21Fix possible access to undefined memory region.Igor Mammedov
2008-05-20Merge branch 'master' of S. Miller
2008-05-20libertas: Fix ethtool statisticsDavid Woodhouse
2008-05-20mac80211: fix NULL pointer dereference in ieee80211_compatible_ratesHelmut Schaa
2008-05-20Merge branch 'for-2.6.26' of git:// Torvalds
2008-05-20Merge git:// Torvalds
2008-05-20Merge git:// Torvalds
2008-05-20Merge git:// Torvalds
2008-05-20Merge git:// Torvalds
2008-05-20Merge branch 'from-tomtucker' into for-2.6.26J. Bruce Fields
2008-05-20pktgen: make sure that pktgen_thread_worker has been executedDenis V. Lunev
2008-05-20mac80211: don't claim iwspy supportJohannes Berg
2008-05-20orinoco_cs: add ID for SpeedStream wireless adaptersPavel Roskin