AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysMerge remote-tracking branch 'fscl/5.4-2.3.x-imx' into toradex_5.4-2.3.x-imx-...toradex_5.4-2.3.x-imxDenys Drozdov
10 daysMerge pull request #517 from denisdrozdov/5.4-2.3.x-imxOtavio Salvador
10 dayscrypto: caam: fix pointer dereferenceDenys Drozdov
11 daysarm64: dts: imx8mm-verdin: Update mcp2518fd maximum SPI clock frequencyRafael Beims
12 daysMerge tag 'v5.4.161' into HEADDenys Drozdov
12 daysMerge tag 'v5.4.160' into HEADDenys Drozdov
12 daysMerge tag 'v5.4.159' into HEADDenys Drozdov
12 daysMerge tag 'v5.4.158' into HEADDenys Drozdov
12 daysMerge tag 'v5.4.157' into HEADDenys Drozdov
12 daysMerge tag 'v5.4.156' into HEADDenys Drozdov
12 daysMerge tag 'v5.4.155' into HEADDenys Drozdov
2022-01-03arm64: dts: colibri-imx8x: remove unnecessary settings from usdhc2Philippe Schenker
2022-01-03arm64: dts: imx8x-colibri-iris-v2: iris v2 is 1.8 volt uhs capablePhilippe Schenker
2022-01-03arm64: dts: imx8x-colibri: mark usdhc2 with no-1-8-vPhilippe Schenker
2021-12-28ARM: dts: imx7s: define speed_grade for cpufreq OPP tableDenys Drozdov
2021-12-21drm: imx: sec-dsim: fix probe deferralMarcel Ziswiler
2021-12-17arm64: dts: apalis-imx8: remove fec regulatorPhilippe Schenker
2021-12-17arm64: dts: apalis-imx8: leave phy-reset in push-pullPhilippe Schenker
2021-12-17arm64: dts: apalis-imx8: let phy framework handle resetPhilippe Schenker
2021-12-06gpu: drm: bridge: lt8912: add delayed work for hotplug eventsDenys Drozdov
2021-12-02gpu: drm: bridge: lt8912: update kernel coding styleDenys Drozdov
2021-12-02gpu: drm: bridge: lt8912: check that device responds to i2c addressDenys Drozdov
2021-12-02gpu: drm: bridge: lt8912: fix unbalanced enable for irqDenys Drozdov
2021-11-26arm64: dts: imx8mp-verdin: limit sdio wi-fi frequency to 100 mhzMarcel Ziswiler
2021-11-26ARM64: dts: verdin-imx8m(m|p): Add gpio to regulatorPhilippe Schenker
2021-11-25ARM64: dts: verdin-imx8mp: dev-board: limit usdhc2 clockPhilippe Schenker
2021-11-25ARM64: dts: verdin-imx8mm: dev-board: limit usdhc2 clockPhilippe Schenker
2021-11-24ARM64: dts: verdin-imx8m(m|p): remove wifi regulatorPhilippe Schenker
2021-11-24ARM64:dts: verdin-imx8m(m|p): do not power off wifiPhilippe Schenker
2021-11-21Linux 5.4.161Greg Kroah-Hartman
2021-11-21erofs: fix unsafe pagevec reuse of hooked pclustersGao Xiang
2021-11-21erofs: remove the occupied parameter from z_erofs_pagevec_enqueue()Yue Hu
2021-11-21PCI: Add MSI masking quirk for Nvidia ION AHCIMarc Zyngier
2021-11-21PCI/MSI: Deal with devices lying about their MSI mask capabilityMarc Zyngier
2021-11-21PCI/MSI: Destroy sysfs before freeing entriesThomas Gleixner
2021-11-21parisc/entry: fix trace test in syscall exit pathSven Schnelle
2021-11-21fortify: Explicitly disable Clang supportKees Cook
2021-11-21scsi: ufs: Fix tm request when non-fatal error happensJaegeuk Kim
2021-11-21ext4: fix lazy initialization next schedule time computation in more granular...Shaoying Xu
2021-11-21MIPS: Fix assembly error from MIPSr2 code used within MIPS_ISA_ARCH_LEVELMaciej W. Rozycki
2021-11-21scsi: ufs: Fix interrupt error message for shared interruptsAdrian Hunter
2021-11-21soc/tegra: pmc: Fix imbalanced clock disabling in error code pathDmitry Osipenko
2021-11-17Linux 5.4.160Greg Kroah-Hartman
2021-11-17selftests/bpf: Fix also no-alu32 strobemeta selftestAndrii Nakryiko
2021-11-17ath10k: fix invalid dma_addr_t token assignmentArnd Bergmann
2021-11-17SUNRPC: Partial revert of commit 6f9f17287e78Trond Myklebust
2021-11-17PCI: Add PCI_EXP_DEVCTL_PAYLOAD_* macrosPali Rohár
2021-11-17powerpc/powernv/prd: Unregister OPAL_MSG_PRD2 notifier during module unloadVasant Hegde
2021-11-17s390/cio: make ccw_device_dma_* more robustHalil Pasic
2021-11-17s390/tape: fix timer initialization in tape_std_assign()Sven Schnelle