AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-05-12virtio: initialize earlierStijn Tintel
2010-05-12md: restore ability of spare drives to spin down.NeilBrown
2010-05-12security: testing the wrong variable in create_by_name()Dan Carpenter
2010-05-12tracing: Fix ftrace_event_call alignment for use with gcc 4.5Jeff Mahoney
2010-05-12bnx2: Fix lost MSI-X problem on 5709 NICs.Michael Chan
2010-05-12qla2xxx: Properly handle UNDERRUN completion statuses.Lalit Chandivade
2010-05-12parisc: Set PCI CLS early in boot.Carlos O'Donell
2010-05-12xfs: add a shrinker to background inode reclaimDave Chinner
2010-05-12tg3: Fix INTx fallback when MSI failsAndre Detsch
2010-05-12skip sense logging for some ATA PASS-THROUGH cdbsDouglas Gilbert
2010-05-12PCI: Ensure we re-enable devices on resumeMatthew Garrett
2010-05-12r8169: more broken register writes workaroundfran├žois romieu
2010-05-12r8169: fix broken register writesFrancois Romieu
2010-05-12r8169: use correct barrier between cacheable and non-cacheable memoryDavid Dillow
2010-05-12kgdb: don't needlessly skip PAGE_USER test for Fsl bookeWufei
2010-05-12KVM: remove unused load_segment_descriptor_to_kvm_desctMarcelo Tosatti
2010-05-12dccp_probe: Fix module load dependencies between dccp and dccp_probeNeil Horman
2010-05-12drivers/net/wireless/p54/txrx.c Fix off by one errorDarren Jenkins
2010-05-12p54pci: rx frame length checkChristian Lamparter
2010-05-12ACPI: introduce kernel parameter acpi_sleep=sci_force_enableZhang Rui
2010-05-12jfs: fix diAllocExt error in resizing filesystemBill Pemberton
2010-05-12CRED: Fix a race in creds_are_invalid() in credentials debuggingDavid Howells
2010-05-12drm/i915: fix tiling limits for i915 class hw v2Daniel Vetter
2010-05-12initramfs: handle unrecognised decompressor when unpackingPhillip Lougher
2010-05-12ext4: correctly calculate number of blocks for fiemapLeonard Michlmayr
2010-05-12libata: Fix accesses at LBA28 boundary (old bug, but nasty) (v2)Mark Lord
2010-05-12ALSA: hda: Use olpc-xo-1_5 quirk for Toshiba Satellite P500-PSPGSC-01800TDaniel T Chen
2010-05-12ALSA: hda: Use olpc-xo-1_5 quirk for Toshiba Satellite Pro T130-15FDaniel T Chen
2010-05-12ALSA: hda: Fix 0 dB for Packard Bell models using Conexant CX20549 (Venice)Daniel T Chen
2010-05-12ALSA: hda: Fix max PCM level to 0 dB for Fujitsu-Siemens laptops using CX2054...Daniel T Chen
2010-05-12ALSA: snd-meastro3: Ignore spurious HV interrupts during suspend / resumeHans de Goede
2010-05-12ALSA: snd-meastro3: Add amp_gpio quirk for Compaq EVO N600CHans de Goede
2010-05-12ALSA: hda: Use ALC880_F1734 quirk for Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Xi 1526Daniel T Chen
2010-05-12ALSA: hda: Use STAC_DELL_M6_BOTH quirk for Dell Studio 1558Daniel T Chen
2010-05-12ALSA: hda: Use STAC_DELL_M6_BOTH quirk for Dell Studio XPS 1645Daniel T Chen
2010-05-12ALSA: hda - Add PCI quirk for HP dv6-1110ax.Kunal Gangakhedkar
2010-05-12ALSA: hda: Use LPIB quirk for DG965OT board version AAD63733-203Daniel T Chen
2010-05-12x86, AMD: Fix stale cpuid4_info shared_map data in shared_cpu_map cpumasksPrarit Bhargava
2010-05-12x86, k8 nb: Fix boot crash: enable k8_northbridges unconditionally on AMD sys...Borislav Petkov
2010-05-12x86: Disable large pages on CPUs with Atom erratum AAE44H. Peter Anvin
2010-05-12x86-64: Clear a 64-bit FS/GS base on fork if selector is nonzeroH. Peter Anvin
2010-05-12edac, mce: Fix wrong mask and macro usageBorislav Petkov
2010-05-12p54pci: fix bugs in p54p_check_tx_ringHans de Goede
2010-05-12dm9601: fix phy/eeprom write routinePeter Korsgaard
2010-05-12block: ensure jiffies wrap is handled correctly in blk_rq_timed_out_timerRichard Kennedy
2010-05-12serial: 8250_pnp - add Fujitsu Wacom devicePing Cheng
2010-05-12raid6: fix recovery performance regressionDan Williams
2010-05-12perf: Fix resource leak in failure path of perf_event_open()Tejun Heo
2010-05-12i2c: Fix probing of FSC hardware monitoring chipsJean Delvare
2010-05-12Staging: hv: name network device ethX rather than sethXStephen Hemminger