AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-06-07iscsi-target: fix heap buffer overflow on errorKees Cook
2013-06-07mm/THP: use pmd_populate() to update the pmd with pgtable_t pointerAneesh Kumar K.V
2013-06-07mm/pagewalk.c: walk_page_range should avoid VM_PFNMAP areasCliff Wickman
2013-06-07drivers/block/brd.c: fix brd_lookup_page() raceBrian Behlendorf
2013-06-07mm: mmu_notifier: re-fix freed page still mapped in secondary MMUXiao Guangrong
2013-06-07nilfs2: fix issue of nilfs_set_page_dirty() for page at EOF boundaryRyusuke Konishi
2013-06-07wait: fix false timeouts when using wait_event_timeout()Imre Deak
2013-06-07klist: del waiter from klist_remove_waiters before wakeup waitting processwang, biao
2013-06-07mm compaction: fix of improper cache flush in migration codeLeonid Yegoshin
2013-06-07drivers/leds/leds-ot200.c: fix error caused by shifted maskChristian Gmeiner
2013-06-07Kirkwood: Enable PCIe port 1 on QNAP TS-11x/TS-21xMartin Michlmayr
2013-06-07ocfs2: goto out_unlock if ocfs2_get_clusters_nocache() failed in ocfs2_fiemap()Joseph Qi
2013-06-07perf: net_dropmonitor: Fix symbol-relative addressesBen Hutchings
2013-06-07perf: net_dropmonitor: Fix trace parameter orderBen Hutchings
2013-06-07fat: fix possible overflow for fat_clustersOGAWA Hirofumi
2013-06-07cifs: only set ops for inodes in I_NEW stateJeff Layton
2013-06-07USB: UHCI: fix for suspend of virtual HP controllerAlan Stern
2013-06-07USB: xHCI: override bogus bulk wMaxPacketSize valuesAlan Stern
2013-06-07USB: reset resume quirk needed by a hubOliver Neukum
2013-06-07USB: Blacklisted Cinterion's PLxx WWAN InterfaceSchemmel Hans-Christoph
2013-06-07TTY: Fix tty miss restart after we turn off flow-controlWang YanQing
2013-06-07USB: cxacru: potential underflow in cxacru_cm_get_array()Dan Carpenter
2013-06-07USB: ftdi_sio: Add support for Newport CONEX motor driversGomella, Andrew (NIH/NHLBI) [F]
2013-06-07USB: option: add device IDs for Dell 5804 (Novatel E371) WWAN cardDan Williams
2013-06-07usb: option: Add Telewell TW-LTE 4GTeppo Kotilainen
2013-06-07staging: vt6656: use free_netdev instead of kfreeHema Prathaban
2013-06-07ARM: plat-orion: Fix num_resources and id for ge10 and ge11Gregory CLEMENT
2013-06-07avr32: fix relocation check for signed 18-bit offsetHans-Christian Egtvedt
2013-05-24Linux 3.4.47v3.4.47Greg Kroah-Hartman
2013-05-24media: mantis: fix silly crash caseAlan Cox
2013-05-24drm/radeon: Fix VRAM size calculation for VRAM >= 4GBNiels Ole Salscheider
2013-05-24i2c: designware: always clear interrupts before enabling themMika Westerberg
2013-05-24hwmon: fix error return code in abituguru_probe()Wei Yongjun
2013-05-24btrfs: don't stop searching after encountering the wrong itemGabriel de Perthuis
2013-05-19Linux 3.4.46v3.4.46Greg Kroah-Hartman
2013-05-19usermodehelper: check subprocess_info->path != NULLOleg Nesterov
2013-05-19drm/radeon: check incoming cliprects pointerKees Cook
2013-05-19ipmi: ipmi_devintf: compat_ioctl method fails to take ipmi_mutexBenjamin LaHaise
2013-05-19drivers/char/ipmi: memcpy, need additional 2 bytes to avoid memory overflowChen Gang
2013-05-19ACPI / EC: Restart transaction even when the IBF flag setLan Tianyu
2013-05-19iscsi-target: Fix processing of OOO commandsShlomo Pongratz
2013-05-19drivers/rtc/rtc-pcf2123.c: fix error return code in pcf2123_probe()Wei Yongjun
2013-05-19drbd: fix for deadlock when using automatic split-brain-recoveryPhilipp Reisner
2013-05-19r8169: fix vlan tag read ordering.Francois Romieu
2013-05-19hugetlbfs: fix mmap failure in unaligned size requestNaoya Horiguchi
2013-05-19pch_dma: Use GFP_ATOMIC because called from interrupt contextTomoya MORINAGA
2013-05-19dm thin: do not set discard_zeroes_dataMike Snitzer
2013-05-19xfrm6: release dev before returning errorCong Wang
2013-05-19ipv6: do not clear pinet6 fieldEric Dumazet
2013-05-19macvlan: fix passthru mode race between dev removal and rx pathJiri Pirko