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2012-06-27arm: tegra: enterprise: Add support to externel pwm.Kevin Huang
2012-06-27video: tegra: dc: Deactivate DSI runtime when DC is idle.Kevin Huang
2012-06-27arm: tegra: baseband: boost CPU frequency when modem BT3 bootsSteve Lin
2012-06-27arm: tegra: baseband: add sysfs file for modem boot, etc.Steve Lin
2012-06-27ARM: tegra: usb_phy: Fix for glitch on STROBE lineVinod Atyam
2012-06-27ARM: tegra: clock: Add fence read in emc clock changeAlex Frid
2012-06-26ARM: tegra: Change pm269 board structure configsSudhir Vyas
2012-06-25arm: tegra: kai: Fix panel power on/off sequenceKen Chang
2012-06-25video: tegra: dc: Support for pre power-off actionsKen Chang
2012-06-25arm: tegra: pcie: Fix USB3 after LP0Jay Agarwal
2012-06-25arm: tegra: pcie: Add hotplug functionalityJay Agarwal
2012-06-25ARM: Tegra: p1852: UARTE pinmux correctionsreenivasulu velpula
2012-06-25arm: tegra: pcie: Fix suspend/resume codeJay Agarwal
2012-06-22arm: tegra: enterprise: Set pwr_i2c speed to 400khzChaitanya Bandi
2012-06-22arm: tegra: usb: restore the AP/modem handshakingSteve Lin
2012-06-22arm: configs: tegra: Enable ISL29028 sensor in L4TKonsta Holtta
2012-06-22ARM: config: tegra3: enable PCIEASPMVidya Sagar
2012-06-20arm: tegra: use rfkill-gpio driver to register bluetooth rfkillNagarjuna Kristam
2012-06-20ARM: config for PCIe frameworkVidya Sagar
2012-06-19arm: tegra: emc: Fix compiler warningJuha Tukkinen
2012-06-19arm: Tegra: Harmony: highspeed uart enableRamalingam C
2012-06-19arm: tegra: Fix cpu governor change issuePuneet Saxena
2012-06-18ARM: tegra: dvfs: Fix error checking of voltageJuha Tukkinen
2012-06-15Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dev/omp_bcmdhd_update_5_90_195_61' into ...varun colbert
2012-06-15arm: tegra: configs: enable CONFIG_TUNOm Prakash Singh
2012-06-15arm: tegra: usb_phy: disable all interrupt for 2lsBH Hsieh
2012-06-15arm: tegra: xmm: removing L3 state transitionVinayak Pane
2012-06-15arm: tegra: configs: enable CFG80211Om Prakash Singh
2012-06-15arm: tegra: configs: enable DHD_ENABLE_P2POm Prakash Singh
2012-06-14video: tegra: host: Register devices in SoC filesTerje Bergstrom
2012-06-14ARM: Tegra: Enable 900MHz at 1V on restricted pll_mGraziano Misuraca
2012-06-14ARM: Tegra: cardhu: Let emc to 450MHz on T33+ at 1VGraziano Misuraca
2012-06-14ARM: tegra: dvfs: Update Tegra3 I/O dvfs tablesAlex Frid
2012-06-14ARM: tegra: dvfs: Update Tegra3 display subsystem dvfs tablesAlex Frid
2012-06-14ARM: tegra: dvfs: Update Tegra3 sclk and cbus dvfs tablesAlex Frid
2012-06-14ARM: tegra: usb_phy: Fixing HSIC port power codeVinod Atyam
2012-06-14ARM: tegra: usb_phy: PMC changes for HSIC remote wakeupVinod Atyam
2012-06-14ARM: tegra: resolve compilation time warningsSanjay Singh Rawat
2012-06-13ARM: tegra: enterprise: enable auto hotplugRakesh Bodla
2012-06-13arm: tegra: p1852: revert previous nor freq changeBob Johnston
2012-06-13video: tegra: dc: Use ref-count to mask vblank interrupt.Kevin Huang
2012-06-13video: tegra: dc: Fix backlight on/off sequenceMark Zhang
2012-06-13Avoid aliasing mappings in DMA coherent allocatorManoj Chourasia
2012-06-12ARM: tegra: p1852: defconfig: Enable PL310_ERRATA_727915Manoj Chourasia
2012-06-12arm: tegra: p1852: drive touch panel with resolution 1366x768Dongfang Shi
2012-06-12ARM: Tegra: Kai: Move Raydium init declarationGraziano Misuraca
2012-06-12emc: tegra3: Change debug eack_state permissionsHao Tang
2012-06-11arm: tegra: p1852: Remove unwanted audio clocksNitin Pai
2012-06-11video: tegra: dc: Clock-gate display modules dynamically.Kevin Huang
2012-06-11ARM: tegra: p1852: remove tegra_gpio_enable/tegra_gpio_disableMohit Kataria