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2012-05-08video: tegra: dc: Set default videomodeShashank Sharma
2012-05-07arm: tegra: Cardhu board file, 400K I2C touch drvrAli Ekici
2012-05-07ARM: tegra: enterprise: register parent regulator before fuse regulatorLaxman Dewangan
2012-05-07ARM: tegra: cardhu: Wakup through GPIO-PV0 for E1291-A04Laxman Dewangan
2012-05-07ARM: tegra: clock: Add locked version of round rateAlex Frid
2012-05-07arm: tegra: pl310: Enable dynamic clock gating and standy.Krishna Reddy
2012-05-07arm: tegra: scu: Enable IC and SCU standbyKrishna Reddy
2012-05-06arm: tegra: kai: set the pull up source GPIO_PCC7Hunk Lin
2012-05-06ARM: tegra2: clock: Enable PREINIT_CLOCKSJong Kim
2012-05-06arm: configs: tegra: enable tegra udc driverRakesh Bodla
2012-05-06arm: tegra: update the udc driver nameRakesh Bodla
2012-05-06ARM: tegra: Export tegra_powergate_is_powered()Antti P Miettinen
2012-05-06arm: tegra: kai: Switch to external temperature sensorKerwin Wan
2012-05-06ARM: tegra: cardhu: pm299: system wake through tegra gpioLaxman Dewangan
2012-05-04ARM: tegra: enterprise: Limit holdoff set for 533MHzRay Poudrier
2012-05-04ARM: tegra: Enable ARM errata 716044 for Tegra2.Krishna Reddy
2012-05-04ARM: errata: 716044: an uncacheable load multiple can cause a deadlock.Krishna Reddy
2012-05-04arm: tegra: Implement safe option for T30 pinmuxAshwini Ghuge
2012-05-03ARM: tegra2: clock: Put Tegra2 clocks to known statesJong Kim
2012-05-03ARM: tegra: enterprise: register supply regulator before child regulatorLaxman Dewangan
2012-05-03ARM: tegra: whistler: Set I2c pin drive strength to maxLaxman Dewangan
2012-05-03ARM: tegra: ventana: Set drive strength to max for all i2c pinsLaxman Dewangan
2012-05-03ARM: tegra: whistler: Add slave address for i2c driverLaxman Dewangan
2012-05-03Revert "video: tegra: dc: Set default videomode"Hunk Lin
2012-05-03ARM: tegra: power: Enforce CPU rate range in min cpu notifierAlex Frid
2012-05-03arm: tegra: enterprise: Set gpio LCD_D8 to tristateKarthik Ramakrishnan
2012-05-03ARM: tegra: clock: Add DSI implicit dependency on PLLPAlex Frid
2012-05-02arm: tegra: Update pinmux setting for nct alertAshwini Ghuge
2012-05-02Revert "arm: tegra3: change min_rate for clocks"Amit Kamath
2012-05-02arm: tegra3: configs:marvel driver as a moduleNarayan Reddy
2012-05-01video: tegra: dc: Set default videomodeShashank Sharma
2012-05-01arm: tegra: kai: do not enable wakeup for interrupt keysJohnny Qiu
2012-05-01arm: tegra: kai: disable the always-on flag of modem regulatorHunk Lin
2012-05-01ARM: tegra: add powergating trace eventPeter De Schrijver
2012-05-01arm: tegra: sh532u focuser board supportErik Lilliebjerg
2012-04-30usb: host: tegra: configure hotplug in usb phy driverahcheng
2012-04-30arch: arm: tegra: Add support for marvell 8797Nitin Bindal
2012-04-30arm: tegra: kai: code cleanupnaveenk
2012-04-30arm: tegra: disable built_in support for sdionaveenk
2012-04-30tegra: usb: phy: fix the struct name of hsicJubeom Kim
2012-04-30arm: tegra: baseband: Discard modem remote wakeup in L3 transitionSteve Lin
2012-04-26ARM: tegra: clock: Move SCLK shared users initializationAlex Frid
2012-04-26ARM: tegra: fuse: Remove overriding chipid and revJuha Tukkinen
2012-04-25ARM: vfp: Prevent process migrationHyungwoo Yang
2012-04-25arm: oprofile: backtracing support for AndroidOleg Strikov
2012-04-24hdmi: Set INJECT_NULL_SAMPLE only for stereo streamsSayak Ghosh Choudhury
2012-04-24ARM: mm: cache-l2x0: use L2X0_CACHE_ID_PART_MASK to get cache-idVarun Wadekar
2012-04-24ARM: tegra: cardhu: open drain pin need not to set tristateLaxman Dewangan
2012-04-24ARM: tegra: cardhu: pm299: off core-power in LP0Laxman Dewangan
2012-04-24arm: tegra: pm: use writel instead pmc_32kwritelShridhar Rasal