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2012-06-06Revert "ARM: defconfig: Remove SYSRQ support."Gaurav Sarode
2012-06-06usb: ehci: tegra: fix hsic enum failureVinayak Pane
2012-06-06arm: tegra: cardhu: enable touchscreen for E1506 panelRakesh Iyer
2012-06-06ARM: tegra: cardhu: add support for E1506 panelRakesh Iyer
2012-06-04video: tegra: dc: remove tegra_dc_host_triggerJon Mayo
2012-06-04arm: tegra: xmm: changing mdelay and add wait_eventVinayak Pane
2012-06-04arm: tegra: enable 1.8 volts through ocr_mask for sdionaveenk
2012-06-04ARM: defconfig: Remove SYSRQ support.Gaurav Sarode
2012-06-04arm: tegra: resolve compilation time warningsSanjay Singh Rawat
2012-06-03ARM: tegra: config: Enable RICOH RC5T583 driversLaxman Dewangan
2012-06-03arm: tegra: configs: Enable Audio Channel supportVandana Salve
2012-06-03ARM: tegra: wake up cleanupBitan Biswas
2012-06-03ARM: tegra: usb_phy: turn off clocks during suspendRakesh Bodla
2012-06-03arm: tegra: p1852: Add i2s/tdm mode selectionNitin Pai
2012-06-01arm: tegra: usb: fix UTMIP auto suspend issuesRakesh Bodla
2012-06-01ARM: Tegra: P1852: changed pad strengthsMohit Kataria
2012-06-01arm: tegra: enterprise: add gpio for pmu msecureTom Cherry
2012-06-01ARM: tegra: cleanup wake header usageBitan Biswas
2012-06-01ARM: Tegra: changed pingroupsMohit Kataria
2012-06-01arm: tegra: Enable config NVMAP_CACHE_MAINT_BY_SET_WAYS.Krishna Reddy
2012-06-01ARM: tegra: kai: Remove tegra_gpio_enable/disableAshwini Ghuge
2012-06-01arm: tegra: pci: Support for dock hot plugJay Agarwal
2012-05-31ARM: tegra: ventana: get rid of gpio enable/disable callsSanjay Singh Rawat
2012-05-31ARM: tegra: power: Go to G-CPU if minimum 1 is requestedAlex Frid
2012-05-31arm: tegra: usb: add null ulpi baseband opsRakesh Bodla
2012-05-31ARM: tegra: usb: enable pmu vbus interruptsKrishna Yarlagadda
2012-05-31arm: tegra: usb: fix suspend resume issues of ULPI phyVenu Byravarasu
2012-05-30arm: tegra: kai: disable hotplug for usb instance 1Hunk Lin
2012-05-30arm: tegra: cardhu: pm298: do not enable wakeup for interrupt keysJohnny Qiu
2012-05-30arm: tegra: resolve compilation time warningsSanjay Singh Rawat
2012-05-30arm: tegra: pcie: resolve flaw in lp0 save stateJay Agarwal
2012-05-29ARM: tegra: Add config for new focuser ad5816Sudhir Vyas
2012-05-29ARM: tegra: Add ad5816 focuser board supportSudhir Vyas
2012-05-29arm: tegra: cardhu: disable hotplug for usb instance 1Rakesh Bodla
2012-05-29arm: tegra: usb_phy: fix remote wakeup issuesRakesh Bodla
2012-05-28arm: tegra: p1852: Instantiated TDM mode driverNitin Pai
2012-05-25ARM: tegra: clock: Update secondary pll dividers resumePrashant Gaikwad
2012-05-25arm: tegra: cardhu: remove unused pinmux settingRakesh Goyal
2012-05-25arm: tegra: kai: configure gpio direction for bluesleepOm Prakash Singh
2012-05-25ARM: tegra: cardhu: Remove tegra_gpio_enb/disableAshwini Ghuge
2012-05-25Arm: Tegra3: clocks: Disabled SSCCENTER bit for plleMohit Kataria
2012-05-25Revert "Revert "arm: tegra3: change min_rate for clocks""Hunk Lin
2012-05-24arm: tegra: usb_phy: add common phy interfaceRakesh Bodla
2012-05-24usb: tegra: modify USB platform data structuresRakesh Bodla
2012-05-24arm: tegra: Enable arm errata 764369Krishna Reddy
2012-05-23video: tegra: detect fbmem alignment on probeJon Mayo
2012-05-23arm: tegra: cardhu: add TEGRA_CARDHU_DUAL_DSI_PANEL config optionPreetham Chandru
2012-05-23arm: tegra: kai: change thermal sensor to nct72Chandler Zhang
2012-05-21arm: tegra: Added support for TDM mode paramsNitin Pai
2012-05-21ARM: tegra: clock: Account for memory BW efficiencyAlex Frid