path: root/crypto/testmgr.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-31crypto: add CMAC support to CryptoAPIJussi Kivilinna
2012-03-15Revert "crypto: testmgr: add support for aes ofb mode"Mallikarjun Kasoju
2011-11-30crypto: testmgr - Adding ofb(aes) and cmac(aes) testsKasoju Mallikarjun
2011-05-04crypto: testmgr - add support for aes ofb modePuneet Saxena
2011-01-29crypto: testmgr - mark ghash as fips_allowedJarod Wilson
2011-01-29crypto: testmgr - mark xts(aes) as fips_allowedJarod Wilson
2010-11-13crypto: rfc4106 - Extending the RC4106 AES-GCM test vectorsAdrian Hoban
2010-08-06crypto: testmgr - Fix test disabling optionHerbert Xu
2010-06-03crypto: testmgr - add an option to disable cryptoalgos' self-testsAlexander Shishkin
2010-05-19crypto: testmgr - Add testing for async hashing and update/finalDavid S. Miller
2009-12-23crypto: testmgr - Fix complain about lack test for internal used algorithmYouquan, Song
2009-11-23crypto: testmgr - Add ghash algorithm test before provide to usersYouquan, Song
2009-10-27crypto: testmgr - Fix warningFelipe Contreras
2009-09-02crypto: vmac - New hash algorithm for intel_txt supportShane Wang
2009-07-02crypto: testmgr - Allow implementation-specific testsHerbert Xu
2009-06-24crypto: testmgr - Remove hash size checkHerbert Xu
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Allow hash test vectors longer than a pageHerbert Xu
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Check all test vector lengthsHerbert Xu
2009-06-02crypto: compress - Return produced bytes in crypto_{,de}compress_{update,final}Geert Uytterhoeven
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Skip algs not flagged fips_allowed in fips modeJarod Wilson
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Mark algs allowed in fips modeJarod Wilson
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Add ctr(aes) test vectorsJarod Wilson
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Dynamically allocate xbuf and axbufHerbert Xu
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Print self-test pass notices in fips modeJarod Wilson
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Catch base cipher self-test failures in fips modeJarod Wilson
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Add ansi_cprng test vectorsJarod Wilson
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Add infrastructure for ansi_cprng self-testsJarod Wilson
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Add self-tests for rfc4309(ccm(aes))Jarod Wilson
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Handle AEAD test vectors expected to fail verificationJarod Wilson
2009-06-02crypto: testmgr - Kill test_comp() sparse warningsGeert Uytterhoeven
2009-03-04crypto: testmgr - add zlib testGeert Uytterhoeven
2009-03-04crypto: testmgr - Add support for the pcomp interfaceGeert Uytterhoeven
2008-12-25crypto: testmgr - Validate output length in (de)compression testsGeert Uytterhoeven
2008-12-25crypto: testmgr - Fix error flow of test_compIngo Molnar
2008-12-25crypto: crc32c - Test descriptor context formatHerbert Xu
2008-12-25crypto: testmgr - Trigger a panic when self test fails in FIPS modeNeil Horman
2008-08-29crypto: cryptomgr - Test ciphers using ECBHerbert Xu
2008-08-29crypto: cryptomgr - Add test infrastructureHerbert Xu