path: root/drivers/firewire/core-card.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-07-26atomic: use <linux/atomic.h>Arun Sharma
2011-05-10firewire: sbp2: parallelize login, reconnect, logoutStefan Richter
2011-05-10firewire: core: use non-reentrant workqueue with rescuerStefan Richter
2011-05-10firewire: optimize iso queueing by setting wake only after the last packetClemens Ladisch
2011-05-10firewire: octlet AT payloads can be stack-allocatedStefan Richter
2011-03-20firewire: core: increase default SPLIT_TIMEOUT valueClemens Ladisch
2011-01-23firewire: core: fix card->reset_jiffies overflowClemens Ladisch
2011-01-21firewire: core: fix unstable I/O with Canon camcorderStefan Richter
2010-08-02Merge firewire branches to be released post v2.6.35Stefan Richter
2010-08-02firewire: core: add forgotten dummy driver methods, remove unused onesStefan Richter
2010-07-23firewire: cdev: add PHY packet receptionStefan Richter
2010-07-23firewire: normalize status values in packet callbacksStefan Richter
2010-07-13firewire: core: integrate software-forced bus resets with bus managementStefan Richter
2010-07-08firewire: cdev: fix fw_cdev_event_bus_reset.bm_node_idStefan Richter
2010-07-08firewire: core: no need to track irq flags in bm_workStefan Richter
2010-06-19firewire: drop sizeof expressions from some request size argumentsStefan Richter
2010-06-10firewire: core: always enable cycle master packetsClemens Ladisch
2010-06-10firewire: allocate broadcast channel in hardwareClemens Ladisch
2010-06-10firewire: core: add CSR abdicate supportClemens Ladisch
2010-06-10firewire: core: add CSR SPLIT_TIMEOUT supportClemens Ladisch
2010-06-10firewire: core: retry on local errors in bus manager electionClemens Ladisch
2010-06-02firewire: core: check for 1394a compliant IRM, fix inaccessibility of Sony ca...Stefan Richter
2010-05-19firewire: core: use separate timeout for each transactionClemens Ladisch
2010-04-19firewire: core: clean up config ROM related defined constantsStefan Richter
2010-01-26firewire: core: add_descriptor size checkStefan Richter
2009-10-14firewire: core: optimize Topology Map creationStefan Richter
2009-10-14firewire: core: clarify generate_config_rom usageStefan Richter
2009-10-14firewire: optimize config ROM creationStefan Richter
2009-10-14firewire: normalize style of queue_work wrappersStefan Richter
2009-09-12firewire: core: fix race with parallel PCI device probeStefan Richter
2009-06-25firewire: core: do not DMA-map stack addressesStefan Richter
2009-06-16firewire: core: fix iso context shutdown on card removalStefan Richter
2009-06-14firewire: net: allow for unordered unit discoveryStefan Richter
2009-06-14firewire: net: style changesStefan Richter
2009-06-14firewire: add IPv4 supportJay Fenlason
2009-06-06firewire: core: prepare for non-core children of card devicesStefan Richter
2009-06-05firewire: rename source filesStefan Richter