path: root/drivers/regulator/core.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-01-12regulator: lock supply in regulator enableMattias Wallin
2010-11-30regulator: fix kernel-doc for set_consumer_device_supplyRandy Dunlap
2010-11-30regulator: enable supply regulator only when use count is zeroBengt Jonsson
2010-11-30regulator: lock supply in regulator enableMattias Wallin
2010-11-30regulator: Return proper error for regulator_register()Axel Lin
2010-11-30regulator: Ensure enough delay time for enabling regulatorAxel Lin
2010-11-30regulator: Remove a redundant device_remove_file call in create_regulatorAxel Lin
2010-11-30regulator: regulator disable supply fixMattias Wallin
2010-10-28regulator: avoid deadlock when disabling regulator with supplyJeffrey Carlyle
2010-10-28regulator: Add option for machine drivers to enable the dummy regulatorMark Brown
2010-10-02regulator: fix typo in current unitsCyril Chemparathy
2010-10-02regulator: fix device_register() error handlingVasiliy Kulikov
2010-08-05regulator: Remove owner field from attribute initialization in regulator core...Guenter Roeck
2010-05-25regulator: return set_mode is same mode is requestedSundar R Iyer
2010-05-25regulator: simplify regulator_register() error handlingJani Nikula
2010-05-25regulator: fix unset_regulator_supplies() to remove all matchesJani Nikula
2010-05-25regulator: prevent registration of matching regulator consumer suppliesJani Nikula
2010-05-25regulator: Allow regulator-regulator supplies to be specified by nameMark Brown
2010-04-23Merge branch 'master' into for-nextJiri Kosina
2010-03-30include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking imp...Tejun Heo
2010-03-22regulator: Get rid of lockdep warningAmeya Palande
2010-03-16Fix typos in commentsThomas Weber
2010-03-03regulator: Provide optional dummy regulator for consumersMark Brown
2010-03-03regulator: Assume regulators are enabled if they don't report anythingMark Brown
2010-03-03regulator: Allow regulators to specify the time taken to ramp on enableMark Brown
2010-03-03regulator: Add notifier event on regulator disableMark Brown
2010-02-12regulator: Fix display of null constraints for regulatorsMark Brown
2009-12-17regulator: Fix unbalanced disables/enables in regulator_bulk_{enable,disable}...Lars-Peter Clausen
2009-12-17regulator: core.c: Small coding style cleanup (indentation fixup)Stefan Roese
2009-12-17regulator: Handle regulators without suspend mode configurationMark Brown
2009-12-17regulator: Factor out regulator name pretty printingMark Brown
2009-12-17regulator: Display actual settings with constraintsMark Brown
2009-12-17regulator: Also lift apply_uV into machine_constraints_voltage()Mark Brown
2009-12-17regulator: Factor out voltage constraint setupMark Brown
2009-12-17regulator: Report error codes for bulk operationsMark Brown
2009-11-16regulator: Handle missing constraints in _regulator_disable()Mark Brown
2009-09-22REGULATOR Handle positive returncode from enableLinus Walleij
2009-09-22regulator: regulator_enable() permission checkingMark Brown
2009-09-22regulator: Push locking for regulator_is_enabled() outMark Brown
2009-09-22regulator: Check for constraints in regulator_init_complete()Mark Brown
2009-09-22regulator: Check for constraints before using them for nameMark Brown
2009-09-22regulator: Fix support for deviceless supply mappingsMark Brown
2009-09-22regulator: Warn when unregistering an in-use regulatorMark Brown
2009-09-22regulator: Add regulator voltage range check APIMark Brown
2009-09-22regulator: Add regulator_get_exclusive() APIMark Brown
2009-09-22regulator: Allow consumer supplies to be set up with dev_name()Mark Brown
2009-09-17regulator: Provide mode to status conversion functionMark Brown
2009-04-28regulator: Fix default constraints for fixed voltage regulatorsMark Brown
2009-04-28regulator core: fix double-free in regulator_register() error pathPaul Walmsley
2009-04-28drivers/regulator: fix when type is different from REGULATOR_VOLTAGE or REGUL...Diego Liziero