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2011-12-21target/file: walk properly over sg listSebastian Andrzej Siewior
2011-12-21iscsi-target: Add missing F_BIT for iscsi_tm_rspNicholas Bellinger
2011-12-21target: Fix page length in emulated INQUIRY VPD page 86hRoland Dreier
2011-12-21target: Handle 0 correctly in transport_get_sectors_6()Roland Dreier
2011-12-21iscsi-target: Fix residual count hanlding + remove iscsi_cmd->residual_countNicholas Bellinger
2011-12-21target: Reject SCSI data overflow for fabrics using transport_generic_map_mem...Nicholas Bellinger
2011-11-11target: Fix wrong se_tmr being added to drain_tmr_listJoern Engel
2011-11-11target: Fix incorrect se_cmd assignment in core_tmr_drain_tmr_listJoern Engel
2011-11-11iscsi-target: Fix non-immediate TMR handlingNicholas Bellinger
2011-11-11iscsi-target: Add missing CMDSN_LOWER_THAN_EXP check in iscsit_handle_scsi_cmdNicholas Bellinger
2011-11-11tcm_loop: Add explict read buffer memset for SCF_SCSI_CONTROL_SG_IO_CDBNicholas Bellinger
2011-11-11target: Re-org of core_tmr_lun_resetNicholas Bellinger
2011-11-11target: Fix REPORT TARGET PORT GROUPS handling with small allocation lengthNicholas Bellinger
2011-11-11target: Prevent TRANSPORT_FREE_CMD_INTR processing in core_tmr_drain_cmd_listNicholas Bellinger
2011-11-11target: Prevent transport_send_task_abort when CHECK_CONDITION statusNicholas Bellinger
2011-11-11target: Fix transport_cmd_finish_abort queue removal bugNicholas Bellinger
2011-11-11target: Prevent cmd->se_queue_node double addRoland Dreier
2011-09-16iscsi-target: Fix sendpage breakage with proper padding+DataDigest iovec offsetsNicholas Bellinger
2011-09-16iscsi-target: Disable markers + remove dangerous local scope array usageNicholas Bellinger
2011-09-16target: Skip non hex characters for VPD=0x83 NAA IEEE Registered ExtendedNicholas Bellinger
2011-09-16tcm_fc: Work queue based approach instead of managing own thread and event ba...Christoph Hellwig
2011-09-16tcm_fc: Invalidation of DDP context for FCoE target in error conditionsKiran Patil
2011-09-16target: Fix race between multiple invocations of target_qf_do_work()Roland Dreier
2011-08-22target: Convert acl_node_lock to be IRQ-disablingRoland Dreier
2011-08-22target: Make locking in transport_deregister_session() IRQ safeRoland Dreier
2011-08-22tcm_fc: init/exit functions should not be protected by "#ifdef MODULE"Roland Dreier
2011-08-22target: Print subpage too for unhandled MODE SENSE pagesRoland Dreier
2011-08-22iscsi-target: Fix iscsit_allocate_se_cmd_for_tmr failure path bugsDan Carpenter
2011-08-22iscsi-target: Implement iSCSI target IPv6 address printing.Chris Boot
2011-08-22target: Fix task SGL chaining breakage with transport_allocate_data_tasksNicholas Bellinger
2011-08-22target: Fix task count > 1 handling breakage and use max_sector page alignmentNicholas Bellinger
2011-08-22target: Add missing DATA_SG_IO transport_cmd_get_valid_sectors checkNicholas Bellinger
2011-08-22target: Fix SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE zero LBA + range breakageNicholas Bellinger
2011-08-22target: Remove duplicate task completions in transport_emulate_control_cdbNicholas Bellinger
2011-08-22target: Fix WRITE_SAME usage with transport_get_sizeNicholas Bellinger
2011-08-22target: Add WRITE_SAME (10) parsing and refactor passthrough checksNicholas Bellinger
2011-08-22target: Fix write payload exception handling with ->new_cmd_mapNicholas Bellinger
2011-08-22iscsi-target: forever loop bug in iscsit_attach_ooo_cmdsn()Dan Carpenter
2011-08-22iscsi-target: remove duplicate returnDan Carpenter
2011-08-22target: Convert target_core_rd.c to use use BUG_ONJulia Lawall
2011-08-22iscsi-target: Fix leak on failure in iscsi_copy_param_list()Jesper Juhl
2011-08-22target: Use ERR_CAST inlined functionThomas Meyer
2011-08-22target: Make standard INQUIRY return 'not connected' for tpg_virt_lun0Nicholas Bellinger
2011-08-17target: Change TCM_NON_EXISTENT_LUN response to ASC=LOGICAL UNIT NOT SUPPORTEDNicholas Bellinger
2011-08-03Merge branch 'for-next' of git:// Torvalds
2011-08-03tcm_fc: Handle DDP/SW fc_frame_payload_get failures in ft_recv_write_dataKiran Patil
2011-07-30target: Fix bug for transport_generic_wait_for_tasks with direct operationNicholas Bellinger
2011-07-28target: iscsi_target depends on NETRandy Dunlap
2011-07-28target: Fix WRITE_SAME_16 lba assignment breakageNicholas Bellinger
2011-07-27iscsi-target: Fix CONFIG_SMP=n and CONFIG_MODULES=n build failureNicholas Bellinger