path: root/drivers/video/tegra/dc/dsi.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-29video: tegra: dsi: fix gcc-6 compilationMarcel Ziswiler
2012-09-03video: tegra: dc: support for vblank syncRakesh Iyer
2012-07-30video: tegra: dsi: Fix host HS transmissionAnimesh Kishore
2012-07-25video: tegra: dc: synchronize dsi clock-gatingRakesh Iyer
2012-07-19video: tegra: dsi: Implement dcs video + hostAnimesh Kishore
2012-07-02video: tegra: dc: split dc.c into smaller filesJon Mayo
2012-07-01video: tegra: dsi: 720p panel power fixRakesh Iyer
2012-06-27video: tegra: dc: Deactivate DSI runtime when DC is idle.Kevin Huang
2012-06-26video: tegra: use public APIs exposed by host1x driverMayuresh Kulkarni
2012-06-14video: tegra: dc: Move #includes from dc_priv.hTerje Bergstrom
2012-06-11video: tegra: dc: Clock-gate display modules dynamically.Kevin Huang
2012-06-04video: tegra: dsi: remove build warningsJon Mayo
2012-05-23video: tegra: dsi: enable dsi panel BPreetham Chandru
2012-05-15video: tegra: dsi: WAR to stop on going host writeAnimesh Kishore
2012-05-03video: tegra: dsi: Ref-count pllp_out3 clock in DSI.Kevin Huang
2012-04-25video: tegra: dsi: Add DSI register dump in debugfs.Kevin Huang
2012-04-24video: tegra: dc: add tracing informationJon Mayo
2012-03-20video: tegra: dsi: Clear host trigger bit explicitly on fifo emptyAnimesh Kishore
2012-03-15video: tegra: dsi: Add checks to dsi for HOST1X powerTerje Bergstrom
2012-03-15video: tegra: dc: Add rated refresh rate for one-shot mode.Kevin Huang
2012-03-15video: tegra: dsi: Add phy timing check for hblankAnimesh Kishore
2012-03-15video: tegra: dsi: Fix phy timing HW incrementAnimesh Kishore
2012-03-06video: tegra: dsi: fix DSI_PAD_CONTROL reg wr value on resumeBoris Suvorov
2012-03-05video: tegra: dsi: Fix syncpt hang during early suspend cycleAnimesh Kishore
2012-02-23video: tegra: dsi: Fix dsi phy timingAnimesh Kishore
2012-02-16video: tegra: dsi: Config dsi and csi shared padAnimesh Kishore
2012-02-16video: tegra: dsi: Soft reset if dsi host busyAnimesh Kishore
2012-02-15video: tegra: dc: Schedule delayed work to clear emc bandwidth.Kevin Huang
2012-02-13video: tegra: dc: Ignore suspend if DSI is disabledTerje Bergstrom
2012-01-30video: tegra: dsi: Refine the DSI clock calculation.Kevin Huang
2012-01-24video: tegra: host: Access nvhost_master via drvdataTerje Bergstrom
2012-01-16Revert "video: tegra: dc: fix DSI pclk calculation"Jon Mayo
2012-01-06video: tegra: dsi: Fix mipi continuous clk disableAnimesh Kishore
2011-12-30video: tegra: dc: Fix dc stream random failure to stopAnimesh Kishore
2011-12-21video dsi: tegra: Fix support for hs clk in lp modeAnimesh Kishore
2011-12-15video: tegra: dc: Move DSI clock configuration to DC.Kevin Huang
2011-12-08tegra: treewide: Remove unused gpio-names.h includesDan Willemsen
2011-12-08video: dsi: tegra: Implement panel sanity checkAnimesh Kishore
2011-11-30video: tegra: dsi: Fix read in lp write configAnimesh Kishore
2011-11-30video: tegra: dsi: Add support for DCS short write (1 parameter)Ming Wong
2011-11-30video: tegra: dsi: use mask to control interruptsXin Xie
2011-11-30video: tegra: dc: Use FRAME_END_INT to mark completion of frame end.Kevin Huang
2011-11-30video: tegra: dsi: Refactor code in tegra_dsi_hw_init()Kevin Huang
2011-11-30video: tegra: dsi: Fix value of PKT_WR_FIFO_SEL.Kevin Huang
2011-11-30video: tegra: dsi: Adjust two CSI registers in DSI module.Kevin Huang
2011-11-30video: tegra: dsi: Adjust CSI register values to follow MIPI spec.Kevin Huang
2011-11-30video: tegra: dsi: Code clean-upAnimesh Kishore
2011-11-30video: dsi: tegra: Use separate LP freq for readAnimesh Kishore
2011-11-30video: tegra: dsi: deep sleepAnimesh Kishore
2011-11-30video: tegra: dsi: Reset DSI state during system booting.Kevin Huang