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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-08-21video: tegra: dc: Add timestamp supportRaghavendra VK
2012-08-16video: tegra: dc: disuse notifierIlan Aelion
2012-08-14video: tegra: hdcp: Add Missing LockMatt Wagner
2012-08-09video: tegra: hdcp: Fix Locking IssueMatt Wagner
2012-08-02video: tegra: hdmi: cleanup error handling in initGaurav Batra
2012-07-31video: tegra: dc: suppress underflow warningJay Cheng
2012-07-30video: tegra: dsi: Fix host HS transmissionAnimesh Kishore
2012-07-30misc: tegra-throughput: adding throughput dev nodeIlan Aelion
2012-07-25video: tegra: dc: synchronize dsi clock-gatingRakesh Iyer
2012-07-19video: tegra: dsi: Implement dcs video + hostAnimesh Kishore
2012-07-16ARM: tegra: p1852: Dual-display support for all SKUsDongfang Shi
2012-07-13video: tegra: fix compilation warningRhyland Klein
2012-07-13video: tegra: dc: fix build error in print_modeJon Mayo
2012-07-13tegra: dc: Make data output along with pixel clock.Roger Hsieh
2012-07-12video: tegra: dc: consider bandwidth efficiency for tegra2Bharat Nihalani
2012-07-12video: tegra: dc: support disp mode override via boot argsNirav Patel
2012-07-09video: tegra: resolve compilation time warningsSanjay Singh Rawat
2012-07-09video: tegra: dc: vblank workerMark Zhang
2012-07-03video: backlight: use gpio request and free apis for backlight pinSanjay Singh Rawat
2012-07-02video: tegra: dc: split dc.c into smaller filesJon Mayo
2012-07-01video: tegra: dsi: 720p panel power fixRakesh Iyer
2012-06-28video: tegra: dc: Fix the check of dirty window.Kevin Huang
2012-06-27video: tegra: dc: Deactivate DSI runtime when DC is idle.Kevin Huang
2012-06-26video: tegra: use public APIs exposed by host1x driverMayuresh Kulkarni
2012-06-25video: tegra: dc: Support for pre power-off actionsKen Chang
2012-06-22video: tegra: dc: Skip the vblank_int work if DC is disabled.Kevin Huang
2012-06-22video: tegra: dc: force the use of new bandwidthJon Mayo
2012-06-20video: tegra: dc: fix MC_DECERR display0_win errors on shutdownAdam Cheney
2012-06-14video: tegra: dc: Move #includes from dc_priv.hTerje Bergstrom
2012-06-14video: tegra: dc: fix bug causing drawing before flippingI-Gene Leong
2012-06-13video: tegra: dc: Use ref-count to mask vblank interrupt.Kevin Huang
2012-06-11video: tegra: dc: Clock-gate display modules dynamically.Kevin Huang
2012-06-07Merge remote branch 'origin/android-tegra-nv-3.1' into HEADTom Cherry
2012-06-06video: tegra: dc: blank windows on shutdownJon Mayo
2012-06-06video: tegra: dc: new file for bandwidth calcJon Mayo
2012-06-06video: tegra: dc: remove unused functionJon Mayo
2012-06-06video: tegra: dc: fix unused variable warningJon Mayo
2012-06-05Merge commit 'main-ics-2012.06.04-A5' into HEADTom Cherry
2012-06-04video: tegra: dc: remove tegra_dc_host_triggerJon Mayo
2012-06-04video: tegra: dsi: remove build warningsJon Mayo
2012-06-04video: tegra: dc: Export dispay feature table.Kevin Huang
2012-06-04video: tegra: nvsd: Fix Phase In Issue with AggressivenessMatt Wagner
2012-05-30Merge commit 'main-ics-2012.05.30-A1' into dev-jb-stagingTom Cherry
2012-05-23video: tegra: detect fbmem alignment on probeJon Mayo
2012-05-23video: tegra: dsi: enable dsi panel BPreetham Chandru
2012-05-23Merge commit 'main-ics-2012.05.22-B3' into HEADTom Cherry
2012-05-23video: tegra: dc: Open-up HDMI mode filterShashank Sharma
2012-05-23video: tegra: host: move function pointers to nvhost_driverMayuresh Kulkarni
2012-05-22video: tegra: dc: remove bandwidth efficiencyVenkata (Muni) Anda
2012-05-21video: tegra: dc: Enable GCOV for dc/ext codeChao Xu