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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-11-16android: dc: tegra: video: conditionally revert timestamp supportMarcel Ziswiler
2012-11-12Merge branch 'l4t/l4t-r16-r2' into colibriMarcel Ziswiler
2012-11-02arm: tegra: fb: Update fix line_lengthtegra-l4t-r16r2-rcShashank Sharma
2012-11-02video: tegra: dc: fix size optimised nvhdcp build using gcc 4.7.2Marcel Ziswiler
2012-10-01arm: tegra: fb: Apply new mode even if its currentShashank Sharma
2012-10-01video: tegra: fb: Configure dc from fbShashank Sharma
2012-09-11video: tegra: host: add idle time estimate in 3dfsIlan Aelion
2012-09-10WAR: gr3d: limit 3d clock when camera is onJihoon Bang
2012-09-10tegra: dc: Fix div by zero in frame time computation.Raghavendra VK
2012-09-05drivers:video:tegra: Fix CDMA timeout recoveryArto Merilainen
2012-09-05video: tegra: dc: fix boot issue with HDMIDeepak Nibade
2012-09-05video: tegra: dc: move set default videomode out of _tegra_dc_enable.Marvin Zhang
2012-09-03video: tegra: dc: support for vblank syncRakesh Iyer
2012-08-29video: tegra: host: Use unsigned integer in sysfsTerje Bergstrom
2012-08-29video: tegra: host: Disable irq when clock gatingTerje Bergstrom
2012-08-29video: tegra: fb: Default stride from HWChristopher Freeman
2012-08-28video: tegra: cardhu: Default bpp from hardwareChristopher Freeman
2012-08-28video: tegra: nvmap: implement full L2 clean/flushKirill Artamonov
2012-08-28Revert "video: tegra: hdcp: Fix Locking Issue"Matt Wagner
2012-08-28Revert "video: tegra: hdcp: Add Missing Lock"Matt Wagner
2012-08-27video: tegra: host: fix integer overflowsTuomas Tynkkynen
2012-08-27video: tegra: nvmap: fix handle usecount trackingTuomas Tynkkynen
2012-08-23video: tegra: host: Clear intr list at intr_putTerje Bergstrom
2012-08-23video: tegra: dc: Make framebuffer console init OKMark Zhang
2012-08-22video: tegra: host: Fix freeing a ERR_PTR valueTuomas Tynkkynen
2012-08-22video: tegra: host: Fix crash if allocation failsTuomas Tynkkynen
2012-08-21video: tegra: dc: Add timestamp supportRaghavendra VK
2012-08-20video: tegra: nvmap: Fix overflow in nvmap_heapTuomas Tynkkynen
2012-08-16video: tegra: nvmap: Add sanity checks for page pools.Krishna Reddy
2012-08-16video: tegra: nvmap: fix input check in mmap ioctlTuomas Tynkkynen
2012-08-16video: tegra: dc: disuse notifierIlan Aelion
2012-08-15video: tegra: host: Fix leak in 3D register readTerje Bergstrom
2012-08-15video: tegra: nvmap: Add support for zeroed pagesAlex Waterman
2012-08-15video: tegra: host: Disable host1x irqs at suspendTerje Bergstrom
2012-08-14video: tegra: hdcp: Add Missing LockMatt Wagner
2012-08-13video: tegra: host: Fix section mismatchesTerje Bergstrom
2012-08-10video: tegra: nvmap: fix usermode input validationTuomas Tynkkynen
2012-08-10arm: tegra: fb: Apply new mode even if its currentShashank Sharma
2012-08-09video: tegra: host: invalidate FDC before context saveNuno Subtil
2012-08-09video: tegra: hdcp: Fix Locking IssueMatt Wagner
2012-08-07video: tegra: fb: Configure dc from fbShashank Sharma
2012-08-07video: tegra: nvmap: Fix breakage for T20Hiroshi DOYU
2012-08-02video: tegra: hdmi: cleanup error handling in initGaurav Batra
2012-08-02video: tegra: host: use strcmp in nvhost_bus_matchMayuresh Kulkarni
2012-07-31video: tegra: dc: suppress underflow warningJay Cheng
2012-07-31video: tegra: nvmap: Fix two integer overflows.Tuomas Tynkkynen
2012-07-30video: tegra: dsi: Fix host HS transmissionAnimesh Kishore
2012-07-30video: tegra: host: use fps in 3dfs by defaultIlan Aelion
2012-07-30video: tegra: host: adding throughput hint in 3dfsIlan Aelion
2012-07-30misc: tegra-throughput: adding throughput dev nodeIlan Aelion