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2010-12-09ENGR00134274 - EPDC fb: Optimize update flow by merging compatible updatesDanny Nold
2010-12-08ENGR00136097-1 pmic mc13892: Add PWRON3 power event supportXinyu Chen
2010-12-03ENGR00133794 - EPDC fb: Make IOCTL functions accessible from kernel modulesDanny Nold
2010-12-02ENGR00134154-3 usb: add sync between usb resume and usb wakeup threadPeter Chen
2010-11-24ENGR00133954-2 ipuv3: remove FB_SYNC_EXT flagJason Chen
2010-11-22ENGR00133795-1 FSL Dev:Add CVBS support for TVin platform dataLiu Ying
2010-11-22ENGR00122167-1 ipuv3: adding VGA support.Jason Chen
2010-11-22Android ipv4: socket ioctl to reset connections matching local addressBrian Swetland
2010-11-22Android misc: Adding uid stat driver to collect network statistics.Mike Chan
2010-11-22Android sched: Add a generic notifier when a task struct is about to be freedSan Mehat
2010-11-22Android MM: Add anonymous shared memory subsystemRobert Love
2010-11-22ENGR00133318-1 IPUv3 CSI:Support SMFC channel interlaced scan orderLiu Ying
2010-11-22ENGR00133702-2 usb host1: Add usb host1 low power and wakeup support for mx28Peter Chen
2010-11-22Android fat: Add new ioctl VFAT_IOCTL_GET_VOLUME_ID for reading the volume ID.Brian Swetland
2010-11-22Android pmem: add google's process memory allocator driverRebecca Schultz
2010-11-15ENGR00133481-2 [MX28] eMMC Write failed on MX28 boardsRichard Zhu
2010-11-11mtd: add init_size hook for NAND driverHuang Shijie
2010-11-08ENGR00132537-1 - EPDC fb/PxP: Support conversion from grayscale to monochromeDanny Nold
2010-11-08ENGR00133478-2 IMX USB:move clk_enable from irq context to thread contextHu hui
2010-11-05ENGR00133178-8 NAND : add ONFI NAND commandsHuang Shijie
2010-10-26ENGR00132935-1 fsl dev:Add pwm enable/disable pad functionsLiu Ying
2010-10-22ENGR00132875-1: Fix EIM IOMUX settings that break keypadRanjani Vaidyanathan
2010-10-15ENGR00124788-1 Add Linear PMIC supportNancy Chen
2010-10-15ENGR00126326-2 - MAX17135: Add support for temperature sensor monitoringDanny Nold
2010-10-15ENGR00132525-2 sgtl5000: audio clock gatingAlan Tull
2010-10-15ENGR00132639-2 Power: mxc_pwerkey break mx25 kernel buildHu hui
2010-10-14ENGR00132459-1 MXC: Add platform_data structure for PWMWilliam Lai
2010-09-30ENGR00131965-1 CAN: Extend the flexcan_platform_data structureWilliam Lai
2010-09-29ENGR00131616-2 usb: restructure lower power mode and wakeup functionPeter Chen
2010-09-25ENGR00131711-2 MXC: Add mxc_audio_codec_platform_data structrueWilliam Lai
2010-09-25net: preserve ifreq parameter when calling generic phy_mii_ioctl().Richard Cochran
2010-09-25ENGR00126313-2 epxp: Add ePxP V4L2 output driverRobby Cai
2010-09-25ENGR00126260-4 - Add epdc_fb_mode data structureDinh Nguyen
2010-09-25ENGR00126327-2 - Max17135 EPD PMIC: Support Pass 2 and VCOM settingDanny Nold
2010-09-25ENGR00126213 - EPDC fb: Add ioctl to control powerdown delayDanny Nold
2010-09-25ENGR00126343 v4l2 output: jitters come out when show frame too quickJason Chen
2010-09-25ENGR00126228 eMMC: Configure boot_partition_enableRichard Zhu
2010-09-25ENGR00125411 eMMC: Boot Partition switch func used in MFG toolRichard Zhu
2010-09-25ENGR00126059-3 EPDC: Add mxc_epdc_fb_platform_data structureDinh Nguyen
2010-09-25ENGR00125760-1 FEC: add mac field at platform dataFrank Li
2010-09-01ENGR00125052-1 Common codes changes when enable the eMMC44 DDRRob Herring
2010-09-01ENGR00126692-5: Upgrade kernel to 2.6.35Dinh Nguyen
2010-08-25ENGR00117843 Missing i.MX headers for kernel headers_installLily Zhang
2010-08-25nand: add more nand devicesRob Herring
2010-08-25nand: export symbols needed for stmp3xxx nandRob Herring
2010-08-25ENGR00112200 Add cryptodev deviceMichal Ludvig
2010-08-25ENGR00068619 JFFS2 community fix with not use OOBJason Liu
2010-08-13irq: Add new IRQ flag IRQF_NO_SUSPENDIan Campbell
2010-08-13net: Fix NETDEV_NOTIFY_PEERS to not conflict with NETDEV_BONDING_DESLAVE.David S. Miller
2010-08-13l2tp: fix export of header file for userspaceJames Chapman