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2011-12-09genirq: fix regression in irqfixup, irqpollEdward Donovan
2011-11-30Revert "power: delay early_suspend for 1s"Xin Xie
2011-11-30power: delay early_suspend for 1sXin Xie
2011-11-30Merge branch 'korg-android-tegra-3.1' into after-upstream-androidDan Willemsen
2011-11-30gcov-kernel: Add ARM eABI supportJuha Tukkinen
2011-11-30gcov-kernel: patch for Android toolchain 4.4.x supportJuha Tukkinen
2011-11-30tracelevel module: Prioritize trace eventsAlon Farchy
2011-11-30Merge branch 'korg-android-3.1' into korg-android+linux-tegra-3.1Dan Willemsen
2011-11-30PM: Backoff suspend if repeated attempts failTodd Poynor
2011-11-30panic: Add board ID to panic outputNishanth Menon
2011-11-30PM: wakelocks: Display wakelocks preventing suspend by defaultTodd Poynor
2011-11-30PM: wakelocks: Don't report wake up wakelock if suspend abortedTodd Poynor
2011-11-30PM: Fix printing IRQ names for pending wakeup IRQsTodd Poynor
2011-11-30earlysuspend: add verbose debug flagErik Gilling
2011-11-30power: Add option to log time spent in suspendColin Cross
2011-11-30Move x86_64 idle notifiers to genericTodd Poynor
2011-11-30cgroup: Add generic cgroup subsystem permission checksColin Cross
2011-11-30Revert "cgroup: Add generic cgroup subsystem permission checks."Colin Cross
2011-11-30HACK: time: Disable alarmtimerColin Cross
2011-11-30printk: do not handle non-sleepable notification in console_cpu_notifymhban
2011-11-30power: wakelock: use get_xtime_and_monotonic_and_sleep_offset in get_expired_...Colin Cross
2011-11-30Print pending wakeup IRQ preventing suspend to dmesgTodd Poynor
2011-11-30cgroup: Remove call to synchronize_rcu in cgroup_attach_taskColin Cross
2011-11-30cgroup: Set CGRP_RELEASABLE when adding to a cgroupColin Cross
2011-11-30power: wakelock: call __get_wall_to_monotonic() instead of using wall_to_mono...Erik Gilling
2011-11-30wakelock: Fix operator precedence bugColin Cross
2011-11-30scheduler: cpuacct: Enable platform callbacks for cpuacct power trackingMike Chan
2011-11-30scheduler: cpuacct: Enable platform hooks to track cpuusage for CPU frequenciesMike Chan
2011-11-30sched: Add a generic notifier when a task struct is about to be freedSan Mehat
2011-11-30power: wakelock: Print active wakelocks when has_wake_lock() is calledMike Chan
2011-11-30kernel: printk: Add non exported function for clearing the log ring bufferSan Mehat
2011-11-30printk: Fix log_buf_copy termination.Arve Hjønnevåg
2011-11-30Revert "printk: remove unused code from kernel/printk.c"Arve Hjønnevåg
2011-11-30cgroup: Add generic cgroup subsystem permission checks.San Mehat
2011-11-30PM: earlysuspend: Removing dependence on console.Rebecca Schultz
2011-11-30consoleearlysuspend: Fix for 2.6.32Arve Hjønnevåg
2011-11-30PM: earlysuspend: Add console switch when user requested sleep state changes.Arve Hjønnevåg
2011-11-30PM: wakelock: Don't dump unfrozen task list when aborting try_to_freeze_tasks...Arve Hjønnevåg
2011-11-30PM: wakelock: Abort task freezing if a wake lock is held.Arve Hjønnevåg
2011-11-30PM: Add user-space wake lock api.Arve Hjønnevåg
2011-11-30PM: Enable early suspend through /sys/power/stateArve Hjønnevåg
2011-11-30PM: Implement early suspend apiArve Hjønnevåg
2011-11-30PM: wakelocks: Use seq_file for /proc/wakelocks so we can get more than 3K of...Arve Hjønnevåg
2011-11-30power: wakelocks: fix buffer overflow in print_wake_locksErik Gilling
2011-11-30power: Prevent spinlock recursion when wake_unlock() is calledMike Chan
2011-11-30PM: Implement wakelock api.Arve Hjønnevåg
2011-11-30sched: Enable might_sleep before initializing drivers.Arve Hjønnevåg
2011-11-30Add build option to to set the default panic timeout.Arve Hjønnevåg
2011-11-30mm: Add min_free_order_shift tunable.Arve Hjønnevåg
2011-11-30ARM: Make low-level printk workTony Lindgren