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2016-05-17mm, cma: prevent nr_isolated_* counters from going negativeHugh Dickins
2016-05-17mm: check __PG_HWPOISON separately from PAGE_FLAGS_CHECK_AT_*Naoya Horiguchi
2016-05-17mm: soft-offline: don't free target page in successful page migrationNaoya Horiguchi
2016-05-17mm: vmscan: reclaim highmem zone if buffer_heads is over limitMinchan Kim
2016-05-17mm/huge_memory: replace VM_NO_THP VM_BUG_ON with actual VMA checkKonstantin Khlebnikov
2016-04-18mm/page_alloc: prevent merging between isolated and other pageblocksVlastimil Babka
2016-04-18mm: use 'unsigned int' for page orderKirill A. Shutemov
2016-04-18mm: page_alloc: pass PFN to __free_pages_bootmemMel Gorman
2016-04-18mm: memcontrol: reclaim when shrinking memory.high below usageJohannes Weiner
2016-04-11ptrace: use fsuid, fsgid, effective creds for fs access checksJann Horn
2016-03-09mm: numa: quickly fail allocations for NUMA balancing on full nodesMel Gorman
2016-03-09mm: thp: fix SMP race condition between THP page fault and MADV_DONTNEEDAndrea Arcangeli
2016-03-04mm: fix regression in remap_file_pages() emulationKirill A. Shutemov
2016-02-15mm: replace vma_lock_anon_vma with anon_vma_lock_read/writeKonstantin Khlebnikov
2016-02-15mm: fix mlock accoutingKirill A. Shutemov
2016-02-03zsmalloc: fix migrate_zspage-zs_free race conditionJunil Lee
2016-02-03memcg: only free spare array when readers are doneMartijn Coenen
2016-02-03mm: soft-offline: check return value in second __get_any_page() callNaoya Horiguchi
2016-02-03virtio_balloon: fix race between migration and ballooningMinchan Kim
2015-11-09thp: use is_zero_pfn() only after pte_present() checkMinchan Kim
2015-11-09mm: make sendfile(2) killableJan Kara
2015-10-27memcg: convert threshold to bytesShaohua Li
2015-10-22mm/slab: fix unexpected index mapping result of kmalloc_size(INDEX_NODE+1)Joonsoo Kim
2015-10-22mm: hugetlbfs: skip shared VMAs when unmapping private pages to satisfy a faultMel Gorman
2015-10-22mm: migrate: hugetlb: putback destination hugepage to active listNaoya Horiguchi
2015-09-29vmscan: fix increasing nr_isolated incurred by putback unevictable pagesJaewon Kim
2015-09-29mm: make page pfmemalloc check more robustMichal Hocko
2015-09-13mm/hwpoison: fix fail isolate hugetlbfs page w/ refcount heldWanpeng Li
2015-09-13mm/hwpoison: fix page refcount of unknown non LRU pageWanpeng Li
2015-08-16mm, vmscan: Do not wait for page writeback for GFP_NOFS allocationsMichal Hocko
2015-08-03mm: avoid setting up anonymous pages into file mappingKirill A. Shutemov
2015-08-03mm/hugetlb: introduce minimum hugepage orderNaoya Horiguchi
2015-07-21mm, thp: respect MPOL_PREFERRED policy with non-local nodeVlastimil Babka
2015-07-21mm: kmemleak_alloc_percpu() should follow the gfp from per_alloc()Larry Finger
2015-07-21mm: kmemleak: allow safe memory scanning during kmemleak disablingCatalin Marinas
2015-06-17mm: shmem_zero_setup skip security check and lockdep conflict with XFSHugh Dickins
2015-06-10zsmalloc: fix a null pointer dereference in destroy_handle_cache()Sergey Senozhatsky
2015-06-10mm: memcontrol: fix false-positive VM_BUG_ON() on -rtJohannes Weiner
2015-06-10memcg: do not call reclaim if !__GFP_WAITVladimir Davydov
2015-06-10mm/memory_hotplug.c: set zone->wait_table to null after freeing itGu Zheng
2015-05-28block: discard bdi_unregister() in favour of bdi_destroy()NeilBrown
2015-05-14mm, numa: really disable NUMA balancing by default on single node machinesMel Gorman
2015-05-14CMA: page_isolation: check buddy before accessing itHui Zhu
2015-05-14gfp: add __GFP_NOACCOUNTVladimir Davydov
2015-05-08Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2015-05-05mm/hwpoison-inject: check PageLRU of hpageNaoya Horiguchi
2015-05-05mm/hwpoison-inject: fix refcounting in no-injection caseNaoya Horiguchi
2015-05-05mm: soft-offline: fix num_poisoned_pages counting on concurrent eventsNaoya Horiguchi
2015-05-05mm/memory-failure: call shake_page() when error hits thp tail pageNaoya Horiguchi
2015-04-26Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds