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2012-04-26ALSA: HDA: set max_channel only based on LPCM capabilitySumit Bhattacharya
2012-04-24hdmi: Set INJECT_NULL_SAMPLE only for stereo streamsSayak Ghosh Choudhury
2012-03-23ALSA: HDA: Return -ENODEV if hdmi_pcm_open() failsSumit Bhattacharya
2012-03-23ALSA:hda: add alsa control for query of deviceSayak Ghosh Choudhury
2012-03-09arm: tegra: hda: Improve resume timeScottPeterson
2012-03-02ALSA: HDA: Don't power up hda codec from resumeSumit Bhattacharya
2012-03-02ALSA: HDA: Prevent delay in opening hdmi pcmSumit Bhattacharya
2012-02-13ALSA:hda: add alsa control for query of deviceSayak Ghosh Choudhury
2012-02-09ALSA: hda - Fix silent outputs from docking-station jacks of Dell laptopsTakashi Iwai
2012-02-09commit b3a81520bd37a28f77cb0f7002086fb14061824d upstream.Takashi Iwai
2012-02-09commit 3b25eb690e8c7424eecffe1458c02b87b32aa001 upstream.Takashi Iwai
2012-01-24Merge branch 'linux-3.1.y' into android-tegra-nv-3.1Varun Wadekar
2012-01-20ALSA: HDA: Fix MODPOST errorsSumit Bhattacharya
2012-01-19ALSA: HDA: change hd-audio as freezable workqueueHaley Teng
2012-01-18ALSA: hda - Fix the lost power-setup of seconary pins after PM resumeTakashi Iwai
2012-01-18ALSA: hda - Fix the detection of "Loopback Mixing" control for VIA codecsTakashi Iwai
2012-01-18ALSA: hda - Return the error from get_wcaps_type() for invalid NIDsTakashi Iwai
2012-01-18ALSA: hda - Use auto-parser for HP laptops with cx20459 codecTakashi Iwai
2012-01-18ALSA: ice1724 - Check for ac97 to avoid kernel oopsPavel Hofman
2012-01-18ALSA: HDA: Fix automute for Cirrus Logic 421xDavid Henningsson
2012-01-18ALSA: HDA: Fix master control for Cirrus Logic 421XDavid Henningsson
2012-01-11ALSA: HDA: Set position fix to LPIB for an Atom/Poulsbo based deviceDavid Henningsson
2012-01-06ALSA: HDA: Set position fix to LPIB for an Atom/Poulsbo based deviceDavid Henningsson
2012-01-05Linux 3.1.7Varun Wadekar
2011-12-21ALSA: hda - Fix GPIO LED setup for IDT 92HD75 codecsTakashi Iwai
2011-12-21ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix Oops in alc_mux_select()Takashi Iwai
2011-12-21ALSA: sis7019 - give slow codecs more time to resetDavid Dillow
2011-12-21ALSA: HDA: Disable all references of clocks at end of suspendSumit Bhattacharya
2011-12-14Merge branch 'linux-3.1.5' into android-tegra-nv-3.1Varun Wadekar
2011-12-09ALSA: hda - Fix S3/S4 problem on machines with VREF-pin mute-LEDCharles Chin
2011-12-09ALSA: hda/realtek - Fix missing inits of item indices for auto-micTakashi Iwai
2011-12-09ALSA: lx6464es - fix device communication via command busTim Blechmann
2011-12-09ALSA: hda - Fix jack-detection control of VT1708Takashi Iwai
2011-12-08ALSA: hda: Support disabling of clocks for TegraSumit Bhattacharya
2011-12-08ALSA: hda: Disable platform clocks when not requiredSumit Bhattacharya
2011-11-30ALSA: hda: Set samplerate to Tegra HDMI driverSumit Bhattacharya
2011-11-30ALSA: hda: Add Nvidia Tegra HDMI supportSumit Bhattacharya
2011-11-30ALSA: hda: Add support for Tegra HDA platform driver interfaceSumit Bhattacharya
2011-11-30ALSA: hda: Add hda platform driver supportSumit Bhattacharya
2011-11-26ALSA: hda - fix ELD memory leakWu Fengguang
2011-11-26ALSA: hda - Fix the connection selection of ADCs on Cirrus codecsTakashi Iwai
2011-11-21ALSA: hda - Don't add elements of other codecs to vmaster slaveTakashi Iwai
2011-11-21ALSA: hda - fix internal mic on Dell Vostro 3500 laptopJulian Wollrath
2011-11-11ALSA: hda - Fix a regression for DMA-position check with CA0110Takashi Iwai
2011-11-11ALSA: hda - Fix silent output regression with ALC861Takashi Iwai
2011-11-11ALSA: hda/realtek - Skip invalid digital out pinsTakashi Iwai
2011-11-11ALSA: hda/realtek - Don't create alt-stream for capture when unnecessaryTakashi Iwai
2011-11-11ALSA: hda - Add support for 92HD65 / 92HD66 family of codecsCharles Chin
2011-11-11ALSA: hda - Disable power-widget control for IDT 92HD83/93 as defaultCharles Chin
2011-11-11ALSA: hda - Add missing static ADC tables for ALC269 quirksTakashi Iwai