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2012-05-11Revert "asoc: tegra: Add TDM mode support"Nikesh Oswal
2012-05-08Revert "asoc:codecs: tiaic326x: remove minidsp support"Simone Willett
2012-05-08asoc: codecs: rt5640: resolve compilation time warningsSanjay Singh Rawat
2012-05-08asoc: tegra: pcm: If there is no dma information exit from triggerNikesh Oswal
2012-05-08asoc:codecs: aic326x: change alsa ctrls for headphone driverNikesh Oswal
2012-05-08asoc:codecs: tiaic326x: remove minidsp supportNikesh Oswal
2012-05-04dmaengine/dma_slave: fix merge issue.Linqiang Pu
2012-05-01asoc: codecs: spdif: Add support for setting bias levelManoj Gangwal
2012-05-01asoc: tegra: pcm: Add support for setting bias levelManoj Gangwal
2012-05-01asoc: tegra: ALC5640 machine: Add support for setting bias levelManoj Gangwal
2012-05-01ASoC: tegra: Fix bit-format checkingJubeom Kim
2012-05-01asoc: tegra: Add PCM driver for TDM modeNitin Pai
2012-04-26ALSA: HDA: set max_channel only based on LPCM capabilitySumit Bhattacharya
2012-04-26asoc: tegra: ALC5640 machine:Add support to detect HP in LP0Manoj Gangwal
2012-04-26ASoC: Tegra: Make dma_req count easily configurableSumit Bhattacharya
2012-04-26ASoC: Tegra: Pass snd_soc_card handle in tegra_asoc_utils_initSumit Bhattacharya
2012-04-24hdmi: Set INJECT_NULL_SAMPLE only for stereo streamsSayak Ghosh Choudhury
2012-04-24asoc: tegra: Add TDM mode supportNitin Pai
2012-04-19ASoC: resolve compilation time warningsSanjay Singh Rawat
2012-04-17ASoC: WM8903: fix the resume sequenceJoseph Lo
2012-04-16asoc: codecs: rt5639/40: Fix false Headset detectionManoj Gangwal
2012-04-10asoc: wm8753 machine: use common platform dataRavindra Lokhande
2012-04-08asoc: aic326x machine: use common platform dataRavindra Lokhande
2012-04-08ASoC: max98095 codec: check return valueRavindra Lokhande
2012-04-08ASoC: Tegra: customize modem parameters for voice call.Ankit Gupta
2012-04-06asoc: tegra: ALC5640 machine: Fix ext mic detect issueManoj Gangwal
2012-04-06asoc: tegra: ALC5640 machine: Turn off ext_mic by defaultDaniel Solomon
2012-04-06asoc: codecs: Enable bias off when idle for rt5639 and rt5640Daniel Solomon
2012-04-05dmaengine/dma_slave: introduce inline wrappersAlexandre Bounine
2012-04-05sound: soc: tegra: Use tegra_dma_cancel() to abort requestLaxman Dewangan
2012-03-30asoc: tegra: ALC5640 machine: Fix i2s for BT ScoManoj Gangwal
2012-03-30ASoC: wm8903: resolve compilation time warningsSanjay Singh Rawat
2012-03-30ASoC: Tegra wm8903 machine: Remove regulator error messagePreetham Chandru
2012-03-23ALSA: HDA: Return -ENODEV if hdmi_pcm_open() failsSumit Bhattacharya
2012-03-23ALSA:hda: add alsa control for query of deviceSayak Ghosh Choudhury
2012-03-23ARM: tegra: Remove legacy i2s/spdif driverLaxman Dewangan
2012-03-23asoc: tegra: max98088 machine: use common platform dataNikesh Oswal
2012-03-23asoc: tegra: aic326x machine: add voice call functionalities for ap30Nikesh Oswal
2012-03-23asoc: codecs: max98088: check for revision idNikesh Oswal
2012-03-23asoc: tegra: max98088 machine: check for card instantiationNikesh Oswal
2012-03-23asoc: aic326x machine: handle switch unregistrationNikesh Oswal
2012-03-23asoc: aic326x machine: add aic326x for enterpriseNikesh Oswal
2012-03-22ASoC: Tegra WM8903 machine: Fix to control name conflictRamalingam C
2012-03-15ASoC: Tegra wm8903 machine: suspend/resume code for HP detectionAnkit Gupta
2012-03-14ASoC: tegra: p1852: Add P1852-board machine driverNitin Pai
2012-03-13ASoC: Tegra wm8903 machine: Fix to control namesRamalingam C
2012-03-13asoc: machine: add api to query voice call stateNikesh Oswal
2012-03-12asoc: wm8753 machine: change M/S configuration for btNikesh Oswal
2012-03-09arm: tegra: hda: Improve resume timeScottPeterson
2012-03-08asoc: codecs: update the TIAIC326x driverNikesh Oswal