tag namegpio-v3.15-1 (ef4e6c5f5468d28493429f2c089fc23f529a5975)
tag date2014-04-03 08:54:42 +0200
tagged byLinus Walleij <>
tagged objectcommit b22978fc33...
This is the bulk of GPIO changes for v3.15:
- Merged in a branch of irqchip changes from Thomas Gleixner: we need to have new callbacks from the irqchip to determine if the GPIO line will be eligible for IRQs, and this callback must be able to say "no". After some thinking I got the branch from tglx and have switched all current users over to use this. - Based on tglx patches, we have added some generic irqchip helpers in the gpiolib core. These will help centralize code when GPIO drivers have simple chained/cascaded IRQs. Drivers will still define their irqchip vtables, but the gpiolib core will take care of irqdomain set-up, mapping from local offsets to Linux irqs, and reserve resources by marking the GPIO lines for IRQs. - Initially the PL061 and Nomadik GPIO/pin control drivers have been switched over to use the new gpiochip-to-irqchip infrastructure with more drivers expected for the next kernel cycle. The factoring of just two drivers still makes it worth it so it is already a win. - A new driver for the Synopsys DesignWare APB GPIO block. - Modify the DaVinci GPIO driver to be reusable also for the new TI Keystone architecture. - A new driver for the LSI ZEVIO SoCs. - Delete the obsolte tnetv107x driver. - Some incremental work on GPIO descriptors: have gpiod_direction_output() use a logical level, respecting assertion polarity through ACTIVE_LOW flags, adding gpiod_direction_output_raw() for the case where you want to set that very value. Add gpiochip_get_desc() to fetch a GPIO descriptor from a specific offset on a certain chip inside driver code. - Switch ACPI GPIO code over to using gpiochip_get_desc() and get rid of gpio_to_desc(). - The ACPI GPIO event handling code has been reworked after encountering an actual real life implementation. - Support for ACPI GPIO operation regions. - Generic GPIO chips can now be assigned labels/names from platform data. - We now clamp values returned from GPIO drivers to the boolean [0,1] range. - Some improved documentation on how to use the polarity flag was added. - The a large slew of incremental driver updates and non-critical fixes. Some targeted for stable. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJTPQnkAAoJEEEQszewGV1zyf4P/AmXV0O/FoyeQnXDxDsp7V/t JpfD0Gy8FlFmRxjG+UYutRCWUHxFQJU+j0ToVC4/N8clNS1LwA+ZwhNgB8dqRokz JVeeqUPn95z2kGe3j9DgVXWMRAytq7y8fXFuNUN36losceuxyOj4mYKLP9Yjnp9l 4pS1TtQHF95a7qmnyYjGZy8VNcUz1gJ7wJrGxKI+Kl/8pcdA6rPqom6ozCXpZjaD 5GGQoSvXKIn44+8qZeJsebd1YEso/8K66e9JomcGEsuZl78ArDOzoSllpYF2h/RM bo4BFUmoOL3/jVp7FFVbybfolwuRmQesY4NFqx03e+y++hxHFHl90FT+mnednS2Q k4lB0o1YRjf2tfMmm4cJ3tVBnFRhssTVb9ynDbzUw61mNVEuxP90f/njrHlObnPT 1uVVWUE+4ojral213S2IYGHkg1OlWSn0DP6tEaswjOsGJrMdXpdxS5RPwcRtcByT HufZRNbUbLzXBzf4WeV2foSS3XqbXYcuMfdRBSWrbuJqW56robbdKKyvrMRPvh7j FV7SEK0yFPRe3nuzKM+t9TDGdUt4qivv/YfVeGfCnTVgFOac6cKrHG9gzM58mVcb 4czG3B1TbqgfGVeZuew4qUdlHSmnSsS+pf/h9Yh9QCHqaKGh3R17cSDxIKAIVTIW pH6nuShTXsbrmRMeMhux =8Qqf -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----