tag nameiio-for-3.11c (f5af2a85b3e168b2e4f7bd81b12b5eacfed8a812)
tag date2013-06-16 17:38:06 +0100
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit 1df9d1d4a1...
Third round of IIO new stuff, cleanups and staging graduations for the 3.11
cycle. 1) Add clock consumer support and device tree bindings to adf4350. The clock consumer part depends on a not so optional 'optional' implementation of clock_round_rate which is not present for pxa27x. It will be shortly and as no one actually uses this chip with that sub arch as far as we know, no need to delay the inclusion in the meantime. See for the brief discussion. This may be the first non soc specific driver that makes use of that function. 2) AD7303 DAC new driver. 3) ADIS16130 minor fixes and improvements plus move out of staging. 4) AD7291 improvements to bring it inline with more recent drivers. 5) Update to the sysfs ABI doc to fix some out of date paths. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.20 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJRve0gAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaI1zwP/jLgKrp+9l1W9ZORDEm9YrPw BlnLhAIOgbeO2kZf6UEAo//0yYJ1C7fTGPfx65J9sFeIx5oiqH9/JKJkQKholX32 uvrz/uPtPBUD8O3g4hc1fokRocHc0JR5jDzJUCkVq9Sbw5Ed9ufNAUWxZ44oFTHj 6oGKJQG8Whhdh2S/E9NHspXxp70Fqg6v8CKG/dQ6hnrrBOHoL5QTJidsiZIXxJDy fRknSrp6KTcDJxOyUGzV/yVRLrXCvH97Op+oxpMZB4j1RVxKlQ8yjNMKaCO3yWnl WH2wVx1WytwbkfjwrJTxfHERNs0pPjcp7bA/C34FnPfgGA4dTv6TBYcSYQN3ZHzt W/Pdy28p/xptXNATNb27N9nRWXh+1fQnCdYECrB5d4K6JfG4eMo0q6r+HcFr96kO zc0zH7HtNBBR4CT0MKo5OWs7/srv7guI5gL5Hu6uMgRG+yrSRaRkDNQz9IEnIQyQ KWRFNpgnAIWNWmUpm0kWWShLFmLcI0uWz0g+6aGFnVc01HXFItLuhY959liiVxI8 7DFBhXi/A2t9yE9q5qj74OL+L4fuYwSRxzDQbN98js8zqAWGNDS1XF4wRXAwOG8m 5m8OhbYKNilEh7hsuIq5o67WVxbaE2XJzZgNVeL/GiAVtctprENdBdOT2XDOLc/a LiKQND/qJTNY39YIHBFI =MiTn -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----