tag nameiio-for-3.12d (edbef527df8ee7dc42680139ea0f8d20195216d1)
tag date2013-10-19 12:20:37 +0100
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
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Fourth round of IIO new drivers, functionality and cleanups for the 3.13 cycle.
New Drivers * cm36651 combined RGB light and proximity sensor. Core improvements * Some more fixes and cleanups related to buffers. These include the second half of a series which went is as fixes. The basis for delaying until the next merge window is that some are too invasive for this late in a cycle and others only effect code paths current unused in the mainline tree. In this case we have: * protecting against concurrent userspace access * fixing a memory leak if a device goes away * avoiding always reallocating the buffer whether or not it has changed (a bug fix, but one with no functional changes other than a small speed improvement.) * Add reference counting for buffers to ensure they hang around if open from userspace or in kernel when the device is forcefully removed. * Return -ENODEV for buffer access operations when the device has gone away. * Add proper locking for iio_update_buffers (currently we only have one buffer per device in mainline, but an input bridge driver is under development which would make this bug 'real'.) * Wake up anyone waiting on a buffer if the device is unregistered. A subsequent read will fail, notifying userspace that the device is no longer there rather than having it wait possibly for ever. * Move the iio_sw_preenable functionality into the core. This avoids drivers having to 'know' about how the buffers are implemented and is called by almost all drivers anyway. Those that don't call it are not harmed by it being called. * New registration approach for information (i.e. sysfs attributes) about events. Much more generic and now similar to how the equivalent is handled for channel information. The events infrastructure had been left behind by other changes so this brings it back in line. * Using the new events registration approach, add a hysterisis event_info element and apply this to those drivers with this property. * A little unitialized variable bug in the generic_buffer.c example. * Factor out the code for freeing lists of IIO Device attributes to avoid some repitition. Driver cleanups * At91 driver gains touch screen support and some related fixes. * Follow up series of patches removing the now redundant iio_sw_buffer_preenable calls. * Lots of conversions to the new event registration methods. * Another round of hmc5843 cleanups as that driver moves towards graduating from staging. * Make some SoC drivers buildable if COMPILE_TEST is used. Follow up fixes for a few bits and bobs that revealed. * Add explicit includes of linux/of.h to those drivers making us of linux/of.h -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJSYmsbAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIuvsQAIxknxxAVBl8Jj8sqFJM/TJh /iBP4c7HPsiZUFAyt59PONvwaY2iacTjWYx55mPsHpLXtVG4nsTj/E21lSPsp90D YuXLmT8vU4kN3X1wJkiUmBYzO6mqHlBw8Z+dcLB4N4xOpHgvFTSuc12Gdmilbna2 APjAm513G6MiSEyG/RpNsKXGHFZBOCnvjs4hTQKg9QEzLvoqBZ/e3vUAsswMFLvP eTTMRvgfNz2TSeOR1F5tNrMTnilAuBUZ8sCUw4HwtNN2KAnUNKtuGD174U00z7pH qKCfZffm34Vb7niEZsVn2MhvbXwdUgWmEF1yqwApXTfnXsDTqWLakhMUHExIMozo 8jIewD30v6Daj+biPGxnmikRl9XfzgCN5nO11lx68rwur4q2KMYvSRdMVecipa6U grSgXebFoQgdnj+2CN/0Z0pMqHeXpgMYzpG04o30/SjXgF4KRD6nDLZamJwwVHDj Iivn5EyJeOt83BKSAtHm6tRqIbZ1abVwHoztxPDgl0nnuEtRv4VMGECOtLlGkHkx lV2DdLd4UyahF3gPp6xvbnmhk6yWH4xMN0zwImSI4Lt7+ncRoZ6dy2i3HxrHNyu6 8zMKdZQDnMMoxcdqSxy5nXezf/x6e2MVReQiWLbSzpD1WU6OD0BrfGMe+3sFXSde lsFgkAigdJ58t2vZ+gwb =TXhl -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----