tag nameiio-for-3.13a (dba2dcd47a8fdf4331d4dfd21a08fe67efae0a4e)
tag date2013-09-22 19:04:13 +0100
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
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First round of new drivers, functionality and cleanups for IIO in the 3.13 cycle
A number of new drivers and some new functionality + a lot of cleanups all over IIO. New Core Elements 1) New INT_TIME info_mask element for integration time, which may have different effects on measurement noise and similar, than an amplifier and hence is different from existing SCALE. Already existed in some drivers as a custom attribute. 2) Introduce a iio_push_buffers_with_timestamp helper to cover the common case of filling the last 64 bits of data to be passed to the buffer with a timestamp. Applied to lots of drivers. Cuts down on repeated code and moves a slightly fiddly bit of logic into a single location. 3) Introduce info_mask_[shared_by_dir/shared_by_all] elements to allow support of elements such as sampling_frequency which is typically shared by all input channels on a device. This reduces code and makes these controls available from in kernel consumers of IIO devices. New drivers 1) MCP3422/3/4 ADC 2) TSL4531 ambient light sensor 3) TCS3472/5 color light sensor 4) GP2AP020A00F ambient light / proximity sensor 5) LPS001WP support added to ST pressure sensor driver. New driver functionality 1) ti_am335x_adc Add buffered sampling support. This device has a hardware fifo that is fed directly into an IIO kfifo buffer based on a watershed interrupt. Note this will act as an example of how to handle this increasingly common type of device. The only previous example - sca3000 - take a less than optimal approach which is largely why it is still in staging. A couple of little cleanups for that new functionality followed later. Core cleanups: 1) MAINTAINERS - Sachin actually brought my email address up to date because I said I'd do it and never got around to it :) 2) Assign buffer list elements as single element lists to simplify the iio_buffer_is_active logic. 3) wake_up_interruptible_poll instead of wake_up_interruptible to only wake up threads waiting for poll notifications. 4) Add O_CLOEXEC flag to anon_inode_get_fd call for IIO event interface. 5) Change iio_push_to_buffers to take a void * pointer so as to avoid some annoying and unnecessary type casts. 6) iio_compute_scan_bytes incorrectly took a long rather than unsigned long. 7) Various minor tidy ups. Driver cleanups (in no particular order) 1) Another set of devm_ allocations patches from Sachin Kamat. 2) tsl2x7x - 0 to NULL cleanup. 3) hmc5843 - fix missing > in MODULE_AUTHOR 4) Set of strict_strto* to kstrto* conversions. 5) mxs-lradc - fix ordering of resource removal to match creation 6) mxs-lradc - add MODULE_ALIAS 7) adc7606 - drop a work pending test duplicated in core functions. 8) hmc5843 - devm_ allocation patch 9) Series of redundant breaks removed. 10) ad2s1200 - pr_err -> dev_err 11) adjd_s311 - use INT_TIME 12) ST sensors - large set of cleanups from Lee Jones and removed restriction to using only triggers provided by the st_sensors themselves from Dennis Ciocca. 13) dummy and tmp006 provide sampling_frequency via info_mask_shared_by_all. 14) tcs3472 - fix incorrect buffer size and wrong device pointer used in suspend / resume functions. 15) max1363 - use defaults for buffer setup ops as provided by the triggered buffer helpers as they are the same as were specified in max1363 driver. 16) Trivial tidy ups in a number of other drivers. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.21 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJSP0HUAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIwiQQAKuJaoPrdMezm1TDaqgrzQWQ U95mSJ19xPYVSQVNHFLFidcajhADRMFhMUGOJF64VZObEdOtFWI0UkrJjFhYtJTt n1B6qAqPjatmruj434+n5PW32XtareOPThso5EDCAW0X+CNgSOgda+TVj+9g1Ilg Onltb3wugMcs27FakZpKv1YuGyKAKE6uT/33qr++cuynR89JZOlp0QmLgIXobVRR WdjuiH8OXFA4LsP7dWQhoSejs6+JPMn992qkACUc5fztQfFfCk0eJsgQIsOXkz1e U6MFvab0LtdPKDRyzT1kIpK/Jxf1OVNiOYaQNIGuNMipa+5WRz2lF1sZyERQTJWR HOZehkikBdL73WaaKwyaLTsYyDMbYM9ZkpLrBEFRr7ocZpg/0LA84BWYYDWu1Nok 9Ib9xNAxcAgFwQMJpiz9J3ap/IzV2qJT9rv78q1chVwhNhVDs2CbwcuZKAB4UvWs Oz7C0Xx5DA/K7DlpJMLaVB1+BRJ3C1I9Jbr84mnu0clgOqFE+nrdKZcUTrOTFXdy 2yTp7Bkc2JiRtOYhI40UL79N08KCGNTUfigmUDQseF2dsaNlz5rTOiMifYQCRw9+ C1kxY00emzlGTvfUDdPwkiQTtz8tWf9Ahvjx/ufGfed68KWDMs1VuGNcqEzgqKNI SMP0VTEXbCiLeWYMqGep =mMgm -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----