tag nameiio-for-3.13e (6c680f34362a9fab3ccd10c988d5a5e587c4b274)
tag date2013-10-27 19:01:49 +0000
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit e020325541...
Fifth round of IIO new drivers, cleanups and functionality for the 3.13 cycle.
New Driver * Freescale mag3110 magnetometer driver. New functionality * Add LPS001WP support to the ST pressure driver. * Allow the max1363 driver to use only smbus functions for 8 bit devices. This allows the driver to be used when more extensive i2c support is not available. Cleanups * Fix incorrect description of unit conversions in ak8975. * Switch to pr_err in industrialio-core.c instead of direct printk calls. * Some simple redundant error handling removal patches. * Trivial warning suppression by adding brackets to a sizeof call. * Drop redundant of_match_ptr casts in drivers that are dependent on OF supporting being present. The only purpose of the of_match_ptr wrapper was to make stubbing out of the relevant structures trivial. Fixes * Make MXS_LRADC depend on INPUT to avoid compile failures. This fixes an issue introduced in the previous pull in this cycle. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJSbWN/AAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIlVgP/2Tq5rfAfM3ErvHY5GMuSiRi VTMntdvQ4YVqMln8ZZy70p5mAeLtI84Q5d4/qBihPNiBrDT7YMr0CoSiOv+JaJxc Nn4cjMGV8Y7TokH6gXD96Ye8AvS1nnxgytJLBbELOMvBsm5yORQKYMjCqBFHV2Ka 4BoLCKmX9HeISDcJvPB3B+/rSThzJnzBo10bv+7Uv9HM90WskBtR3xjQVpr+RV1L VTfELYOiTfaPMt57hDct5V7G6hsBMvIZqHqC9yq3Q+IesJE0euYdSpqRV9EznJv7 EcmJL6S5Pkzds3PU2bnjqUQWb1BRwwVEpwkoWUzJ/5kYmgmo1vCQOW2Tr6s39JSy GcOEBBvruVCf1e9DuJYQYx25f04ceE52XuS3f6Q90W4UsDXFO+PphEf5dapE/ca8 3+71tnZeb/VBHyZ7Oor43jkGVhsQs5+rIJpcN5UFV2MKX9hwnTvdA2AgxdqM5Bzt a5KVWPs5OUHNJKNw9Cu0F17Vzdlqh+2ac6gCIIv1TGltJ8GSRIfsIRJ56lRUVyUP ZGssnvbTLzq+ZdzaMTgDtJdz9CNOr9yQqQEZ2rFE9gASI8/Lw/EGNDVjK+vpNst8 57IS1H0RO//I96WB0U8Ni0EdLlgsdGISTHkspj/JMNMcSisS94+tuK1rHHAw/j83 2AxEhNOQewA/6ZRT329X =GCqU -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----