tag nameiio-for-3.15b (fec7a31520f4fd77e0e0eca429cd7015564bbb51)
tag date2014-02-23 15:54:28 +0000
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
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Second round of IIO new driver, functionality and cleanups for the 3.15 series.
There are a few fixes in here that might, earlier in a cycle, have gone to Greg as fixes. Given they are either minor or have never actually been observed as causing trouble (the locking bug in the event code) and are invasive, I have included them in this pull request, targeting the 3.15 merge window instead. The rest are pretty uncontroversial new drivers, a handy little tool for the example code in our documentation and little cleanups. New drivers * Freescale Vybrid and i.MX6SLX ADC driver. * HID Sensor hub proximity sensors. * HID Sensor hub pressure sensors. * LPS25H Pressure sensors added to the ST micro pressure sensor driver. New functionality * lsiio tool. This is added to the staging tree as we haven't yet moved the example code it sits with out. Moving this code out is now a reasonably high priority but holding up this tool in the meantime did not seem worthwhile. * mag3110 - add missing scale factor for temperature output to userspace. Cleanups * Fix a bug in the event reporting in which a spin lock might be held over when a sleep occured. A similar bug was found by Lars in the buffer code. It has not to our knowledge been observed as actually occuring and is a little too invasive to push out as a fix. * Drop the IIO_ST macro after clearing out all users. This macro was a very bad idea leading to a number of bugs after it stopped covering all elements of the structure being assigned and people started making assumptions about what it did cover. Glad to see it go! * Avoid applying extended name to shared attributes as it makes no sense. No in tree drivers were using the combination, hence not pushed out as a fix. * ad799x - move to devm_request_threaded_irq to reduce boilerplate clean up. * bma180 - make the low_pass_filter_3db_frequency info element shared rather than per attribute. The old approach was valid but not as clean as it might be and was setting a bad example. Hence the cleanup. * mxs-lradc - propogate the error code form a platform_get_irq call rather than eating it up by returning -EINVAL on all errors. * ad799x - typo fix in the copyright message. Either that or Michael was asserting a copyright that moved backwards in time by about a thousand years. * ad799x - use a regulator for vref rather than platform data. The driver dates from just as the regulator framework was coming into common use so provides an alternative way of specifying the reference voltage. We no longer need that approach so drop it in favour of a regulator only approach. * max1363 - some internal vref values were out by a small amount. The effect would have been tiny and no one noticed hence not pushing this through as a fix. * core - replace some pointless goto error_ret (with no clean up) lines with direct returns. This is my bad coding style so I'm glad to see it cleaned up. * core - avoid a kasprintf that just directly prints a string with no formatting elements. This has always been there but Lars just noticed it. Oops. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJTCht4AAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIsssQALHkJOTts8eAMy+N8JQkUcWE JhDEbu689OoR9NtVc2o/4nfFaVwzWk6MBtLY1wxpsNFi4IxL/utVBv4iP4pPCBZ1 g3VFiHgREPOxgup8MDXhmwx+n0tRyLJd+vX6uBFDMF/+MNqXMUy/38eWZCYMXz87 icdxk9Ircr+ud7q0JVcpeNGjMUNHo+yEORFSKbdnTfKCuRJe7xdSqNpRQBQEr6y9 ohRJ6CXf9FNsoDuInk3VNEo6HtbZmVi215fy8nGknP5t6/q6exl0utPihoNpWJNZ aP1qjUrS1XEAIozQAoJi9Q2hJSxIRNXwuVz1modcPEeattKGajGWJggHZJxk27Sf fiSeRbbw1vJ8hLN7mRcg1FIF2m79cA7pkhUWwKO2m7Dp/sJQ/eKnhh/JJML6sZB5 3/zKFlvpgANfSZTmqDGCQ/hVBNUcJ7xJA1Vbh1t2FIYctZlkh9ogfX/T2wHEJTfg Mpg7BoDgOaicUyiZBFADsHxTDuhlhx6en9JfYqR6YZHd1eMU7SR1IHzGpo4mDxkB fUUmu0bWnEwslmzek7CaGMVZ00WcSlsP6mpQzfk/R98bIZJb1MmKWyuefVMKyr4K JxNbPIBwR70A6j8qh/lh3egQsUpuamsXoO7Y68RxylYOf1XL7zYWo/1xoOh4Jl4Q +gihFn6B6ggHjv1wup2G =Dg3R -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----