tag nameiio-for-3.16c (96900110d99b0ff119a5f2117a3062279d4f7ba3)
tag date2014-05-25 12:15:22 +0100
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit 34683a5c6e...
Third round of new stuff for IIO in the 3.16 cycle.
This (rather late) set consists only of fixes to patches earlier in the cycle or minor fixes for other problems (such as randconfig build issues picked up by Arnd). I've included the general minor fixes here as it is very late in the current cycle and they can all wait for the merge window. * Recent change to hid-sensors introduced a possible infinite loop due to a typo. In the same series, a report interval unit read was added but in the case where the hardware doesn't support it a value of 0 would lead to some nasty issues. The patch sets it to the specified default of msecs. * Anon inodes were used by IIO without being explicitly selected. This has been true for a long time so it clearly only effects rather unusual configurations (rand configs) * at91 requires the input subsytem but this wasn't explicity in the Kconfig. * A couple of parts supported by the max1363 driver were using the wrong iio_chan_spec arrays and hence would missreport their bit depths. This has been there a long time and was never right so isn't a regression. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (GNU/Linux) iQIcBAABAgAGBQJTgdLAAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIDBwP/jGJ4cOV4mKekQvn+keMCQ8M fPyKRijwgWE9VEVP6BbhA5ya4hwH6bloQXBBp2PhB51GS1I8pNc5dWJzQEZO+oFA 9jkQm91zufeRjxEUCRlD8kfJ+7V766SKlIkENbJgbk5XStvrAWAIQ8lHkHwJmL5j lNfGWCrVuBKK3Ck08HH6p2N6hHO1GDHnyrdGIW2BYJZVyUBpBlkukSZoU8T0zB6g F9QzZyECG9VdbL1HVBrsBy3Pw9cOwiMTJrDMJ2dkwBdKmAnkllSomrKV5cOlYWFF qg3z6JOPPY+6Hpl15tr2RvTaoKYTc33q9/UX1sysrLyLN07W52ygXdozxTGUINB2 ozhmIp/oZVYyHXIHC3yg7MOhW6AExJkzr91IMNnvVT8f22BlkdXHRB0atCAHcUvT t4NsFHS0QrRYooqVI12Z3wOPmZahydgUlivNySRaug4lYgULxl5pts9WAl8fEgA7 ZM4tUUtGjrni5KpaYT5wnQ2JhwNTZDu2kIYgRB5Zhh5F/uqJ/xQCjllhJxv92hKG r6LvacGaWiwyYXryl4TvfqH1/4lqsFk8nyS0OLUFhtCfE8jmydSZ63LhnnQJs/iH u0u/uDz9lqPgtClWZDm3YqIMRpp4ShNkn8irBZ9bLhaHC59GurgYMM+PgkrUPM/N 7y76UVWNYNWxYb/L0A5n =u2ra -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----