tag nameiio-for-3.17a (3bccc2a64fb6e9fdf84ad11085934b958a48bf0f)
tag date2014-06-18 18:31:41 +0100
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit 88f6da779a...
First round of new drivers, cleanups and functionality for the 3.17 cycle.
New drivers * t5403 barometric pressure sensor * kxcjk1013 accelerometer (with a locking followup fix). * ak09911 digital compass Documentation * ABI docs for proximity added (interface has been there a long time but somehow snuck through without being documented) * Move iio-trig-sysfs documentation out of staging (got left behind when the driver moved some time ago). Cleanups * drop the timestamp argument from iio_trigger_poll(_chained) as nothing has been done with it for some time. * ad799x kerneldoc for ad799x_chip brought up to date. * replace a number of reimplementations of the GENMASK macro and use the BIT macro to cleanup a few locations. * bring the iio_event_monitor example program up to date with new device types. * fix some incorrect function prototypes in iio_utils.h example code. * INDIO_RING_TRIGGERED to INDIO_BUFFER_TRIGGERED fix in docs. This got left behind after we renamed it a long time back. * fix error handling in the generic_buffer example program. * small tidy ups in the iio-trig-periodic-rtc driver. * Allow reseting iio-trig-periodic-rtc frequency to 0 (default) after it has changed. * Trivial tidy ups in coding style in iio_simply_dummy -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJToc7KAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIs2wP/2dHUUs2SWtCBQZACBUVzFlt UXiyeUtk0W6KfcbqgWt7zRD4KjGnvoN9W6Tp2wT8YAcsDYP+nxroIiZcz3Zi+cMl 9T1lsdZ2UAvz43OvGOem/FUx6eN6E4l6ZTs8TpT3OUGTWgsaxbrJ6E6jlJYKSBZQ LZOmqwF/+piTiJCw7mAT7AxbMJIU66Jt5jEStvrQC1V4gdaiBgpUnRDwyEycy2OY 9qs9V1L5HNHdMew3hCB98rK5lW2Ty+F0GObZa9i16yswNqKIGB4iylZNpWA8V0TA LLXIwC6AxtjoKoIkiHzGBVUuSR7MLsIa+9IN+ZaHlOUdL1R95u8lIZopjZrk798W 3nYQ1j9++Mz1eXjzolsvySPq+eBek7Sgc+8Wn3JgtkyZmXnS8ivmdyX+UWc/pC8K MQ1H3uJJiA6GyA1zvlWviYciIcWrZQQOYLPylhlVFqboDX86ymsewUZYSyN0ZzG5 CeaDafB2UQiY7eHWNWjZsTkhlOTRTPGh29MoYtNG+Mo7FxYxu5IrjqUZJNar0R7z 5vsMj8lRYz3JQLdEBTddZeZnCIXDTrlbcpDy9ERCBqWqQEBtb0ihgGz68RkfkpFm AQ975J5cFrJtDDmRsQlMPJEjV0tQ5bZkwrRMqn3eYDwY3qc6mTyHs6w4WQtwUoX2 GYs2axH3ifj4lZCMQN5w =S0CY -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----