tag nameiio-for-3.17c (b999bf1fefa3b37c2524ae5c41fb473df7a88b7e)
tag date2014-07-13 19:56:15 +0100
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit 90c5f2d1b8...
3rd round of IIO new drivers, cleanups and functionality for the 3.17 cycle.
New drivers * isl29125 digital color light sensor driver * TAOS/AMS tcs3414 digital color sensor Staging graduation * ad7291 ADC driver. New functionality * st_sensors - device tree support and bindings * mma8452 - device tree support Cleanups * Drop redundant variables in a number of drivers. * Reorder a structure definition to ealy wiht a warning about static not being at the beginning in the hid-sensors driver. * Switch a few more drivers away from using explicit sampling_frequency attribute to providing this through the core. * Make hid_sensor_get_reporting_interval static as only used within a single file. * Drop a redundant check for negative values in an unsigned variable from ad9832 * Drop some duplicate case labels in the event monitor example code. * Use devm_ioremap_resource to simplify error handling. * Use devm_kzalloc within the blackfin timer driver to simplify error handling and removal. * A number of cleanups of the ad7291 from Hartmut Knaack in response to a patch moving it out of staging. * Core support for the period info element about events. It has been in the abi for a while, but not added until now to the newer handling of information related to events. * Add HAS_IOMEM dependency to mxs_lradc to avoid build issues when testing enabled. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJTwtZlAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIwk0P/AjNATwzEb+ODIeYdQXbliKJ ntQlUXhGa1ronrSD/iDsgW7JUbSDcVDKLfZFtmO0oqdJ8Mofb03jUJqRgivpIlq9 8cbgNZd5Ef4LARHjEsfySAEgZB6x1nnmJkspwcvdAiGqXvooe9HYQuWUkX/e9CYK QSb9BpisaPqvuDV3OfGlzshJIm6ntO9O842xrZdvJDAwi4IAyfabGslflA/AGWU1 ty3duPJvJzNHfq7iJiLhbGcc4yOmtc16lPKdVcpGC8BPdjdQdrw9axFrE0aoCZwF zYTUeQnoZGt9ervGaYRdi6rmcoyu/waRZvJUwIbXpHE4JNgB4waU/4iGqTqfQQnd tV/0RRKcke4QgQ0k9lZZCHUgedW1LSFpXWFWGXezlHyCieCicrx4WVkH4wEFheC1 6fb4OeBQY6nwkAdMOwzzHYEkieeYgKA269uKEeyJ4rMhyS36hoQNpSzMqz31c43w Ct0iaZdlFIEjoXkx8OumGojJ67oOGJECzfuXSn3xkNFAT2enyy/LzTyGvxGxwaMq r3accTdYqd00Z1Jje2MV1KRIcrn9pDJS9obFdesFQj9aV00FSSD8ZyckeHrgLxqV zQN567YGpyr2/q3WEW3ecJksnre1tYSwagRmfGheJIcYV/n4qiXO0R/VbSZbnFIz 68w07E9URklroJn/3wek =n+vY -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----