tag nameiio-for-3.17d (406396a3af897fbd90cda132a24917ba2a082149)
tag date2014-07-24 20:05:45 +0100
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit e6ca2d848c...
Fourth round of IIO new drivers, functionality and cleanups for the 3.17 cycle
New functionality * A new modifier to indicate that a rotation is relative to either true or magnetic north. This is to be used by some magnetometers that provide data in this way. * hid magnetometer now supports output rotations from various variants on North * HMC5843 driver converted to regmap and reworked to allow easy support of other similar devices. Support for HMC5983 added via both i2c and SPI. * Rework of Exynos driver to simplify extension to support more devices. * Addition of support for the Exynos3250 ADC (which requires an additional clock) Support for quite a few more devices on its way. Cleanups * ad7997 - a number of cleanups and tweaks to how the events are controlled to make it more intuitive. * kxcjk - cleanups and minor fixes for this new driver. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJT0VkRAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIVmwP/i9/kzwHaXr09GbOMoUNlnuP 4wU+qJTucPOlj0rNvE6VewOshkF5G1soMAc97MAlEL12mU0qXt+q9m9xu7aVnQwF FU87BECdmbWVSIfGnCwkm2PzN+zLmGKr/TTPdCa+kuX1WIq7tUfVwYJVqU7vxDde n1G5Rx3sbujwAd/kP5X0Bk35X2Wng4Af0f3tkuoRC8nFWCxXN1qW9VZHlJCp5UIh c4J1COUeANf26CnMbgz3qqumGtYX1gbGHi3zzD4vYxD+inqKtvg/pqTqge3J7E9D HBhyNn0Rd3m2DDoz/5fRQ5z/5CAKLkpsqJa9ZsYLzzmo3AHUDYoVA6tGIoExhW9q 7P8FJgJx0Gc58V/A0Y48vcHAcqinoL+2vphc5BHZXA2wdeVHZxWO3e7HX7KUmr55 AXlHowFf0VKoJjJtcfFkFjalF5flIfyA7Kiu+10kptj8wsoX+AjUHXPYDfeRxw+S 7nkr/7janHvsBhoP83PqPdRSrlnNPiLJSl8ZIgegVpKOBtsRKJLGW4zlwTp1lchr M1ydD9eh3uUT3luKRCJzoXo60Ia15x3KBrZxIkQiORIW2otlfUm7dduICc4p9Ij7 RjU8S1NbOVZiD8fNcbmnFp0Xj3cGf4K/Jf1Jvs/QrGB2GAuYoF48BIyeaHj0tCr8 n4wJtDu+aly6vzM7Kf8d =iOto -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----