tag nameiio-for-3.18a (6c16b261d51b000c616d995a4273b0c7bed9b37e)
tag date2014-08-19 20:30:01 +0100
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit ff9e762158...
1st round of new IIO drivers, functionality and cleanups for the 3.18 cycle.
Maintainer Updates * Add 3 designated reviewers for IIO. Lars, Peter and Hartmut have been actively reviewing a lot of patches for a while now so this reflects the status quo. These three are probably the only reason I keep my head above the water! New drivers and device support * max5821 DAC * Rockchip SARADC * TI ADC128S052 ADC * BMC150 Accelerometer * exynos ADC driver gains support for s3c24xx and s3c64xx parts. * kxcjk-1013 gainst range control and runtime PM support to drive down it's power usage. Driver removals * Drop ad5930, ad99850, ad9852, ad9910 and ad9951 drivers on the simple basis that they drivers just provided a register write function with no compliant user space ABI whatsoever. Much better to drop them and start again for these in the fullness of time. Core Enhancements * Join together neighbouring elements in the demux units that feeds the binary interfaces. This cuts down on the number of individual copies needed when splitting out individual channels from the incoming channel scans. * Other demux related cleanups such as using roundup instead of a local implementation. Cleanups * Drop an unnecessary double setting of the owner field in xilinx adc. * Some more patches to use managed (devm) interfaces to cut down on complexity of removal code. * adis16060 coding style fixlets. * Fix some incorrect error returns in the Xilinx ADC driver. * Coding style fixlets for various accelerometer drivers. * Some sparse warning fixes to do with endianness and sign of variables. * Fix an incorrect and entirely pointless use of sizeof on a dynamic pointer in hid-sensor-magn-3d by dropping the relevant code. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJT86rcAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIhKoQAKJ+pIpOb36k1Kjppe0PgQjG 0YCUJEte6z9RSM3s7Z47B6gm165MerYpscQW0GvTKCaxVB0GcnbE9IPYROIfZo+6 QIQbMHe9J7mYW0+qtHBxY5ItOCcVUMSwGfbXar8nFVS6266OcXP+HAau4U9WweKt GmYMuTxLdzm5JYh6C+ljv2PaRZ6B9IascF+YCrDnvkL34ojq7YpLA4QE0GcJlI4s Fz3k7UE0ckrrkAytCumjJC/zn/BSntzyUu2ctN5Z8VO6WeMyuSyFo8uxhzhoyjtm NnISm89Y2Dn5iBtb+QA/6OfOEd9MtjbALauozj70u6ONL0sYdbayNcHvhUU6lnNu hge8xlKS5MhCKtMFZ02qJM0MD/cajNt77m/QYaOoZlbuFPbREI12PtsHah6F7SJT Ad3YQ8T8rT+wzq45EqlqYE863H1OMMJulyjqUom0I8LgTijz+Exs6HWs4/qMhz6V 3T3ZwVoWSnhE4/yyRJFB/xD1P/uZIUGBP30EwlKxaiDmdxJ5X69Vlo9+AuecS3bq hRQvHSNFQG4cZEaDf/fzKGITkLv7V3oxqhg7yiSFtocj9kbF/6KyqgrUl5y7AZBL ZyW9m8OLr0K4ns8sKtRLeg9UmQ0Jxs2L1OvYtPSECAioMmMjLdij4Xt5U4Jv5ifC STIMv21b8mmNV9N8SdSo =zqHo -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----