tag nameiio-for-3.18b (c27ef430d1934c68352da5f550841b482dfcbb66)
tag date2014-09-16 20:52:05 +0100
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit 2017cff24c...
Second round of new IIO drivers, features and cleanups for the 3.18 cycle.
New drivers and part support * Bosch bmg160 Gyroscope driver * Dyna-Image al3320a ambient light sensor driver * Bosh bmi055 gyroscope part driver (accelerometer part supported by bmc150) * isl29018 - add support for isl29023 and isl29035 * kxcjk-1013 - add support for kxcj9-1008 and kxtj2-1009 * bmc150 - additional part support (BMI055 accelerometer part, BMA255, BMA222E, BMA250E and BMA280). Different resolutions but otherwise similar parts. * bma180 - add BMA250 (note different from the BMA250E support above despite the naming). A lot of driver reworking lead up to this - described below. New features * kxcjk1013 - add threshold event support. * rockchip - document DT bindings. * isl29018 - ACPI support * bma180 - enable use without IRQ Cleanups * Tree wide - drop owner field assignment if using the module_platform_driver helper as that assigns it anyway. * kxcjk1013 - drop a redundant assignment of the current range and fix a a defined but not used warning. * inv_mpu6050 - Remove an unnecessary cast form a void pointer. * rockchip - drop and unused variable. * at91_adc - make a local function static. * st-sensors-core - correctly handle an error in setting in st_sensors_set_drdy_int_pin * isl29018 - typo fix * bmc150 - fix incorrect scale value for 16G range (Driver new this cycle) * bmc150 - fix issues when CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME not set (Driver new this cycle) * ad7606 - line length tidy up. * bmg160 - set power state only if PM_RUNTIME is defined. * ak8975 - fix some unnecessary casting between char * and const char * * bma180 - prefix remaining bits and bobs with bma180_ and ensure consistent. - use a bool instead of an int for state (as its either on or off). - expose the temperature channel - statically allocate buffers to avoid need for update_scan_mode callback. - refactor to allow futher chip variants including support for part specific config and disable code + different resolutions. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJUGJipAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIPMUP/38mZ3zua6Tupx74APGwjiNm wWWve38LdWKM4tzkrI9DycdfZbrNyiAs570kpSvp4CT2hQfQ8aYcFSA85xyPuFtl 0f3x5qp1pM28Bv4yYgNqf/QnZ1QK8P3cRTv59uiII6Z3MKVhIpvG+P+svMEaKjqD +u+MQnevQ5C8ejykOV/YKcrFwdq5/IcJojwC8ga50GZBE3CmGGmkEi8lGdWSgn8E EUv6lRSjGeYcJgWDged1cTA0yLJ3yu7/10OkJwRhvQEmthfUsgNYT2zIJYn966S5 5xSG40Aa/V+FUATBmreW8dcFH2fYSdZjsLdtbyX4X+OeMtK7eNsSr0Ikkm9YpNsE 1QAQeREE9LbimIdwGBMkpakiS/NAEYo/8jvUk896BBkCpnTHUg8lMn0NztYCAkvT Q+zGAv+/axvCAQ7hxSTyFdd4+wVbsXthDxY/8NosAGTfeQE+5iG5Jtr39qxJ1NEj ua3qSFPQLcACCjMkF6MONo0i+fuUJOSiovUmDupKm+aaiXQl5m7TZMxrvQ8LOYH7 NJyragLrDPOxT8C2T3PJ0jQM/dNAkh8v4JK7i9ysz8RtgB+i0CoZTM+8JjWUfv1D VQhizA8Nn1WnW2RnIrap9y3I8JC0Pb0GzbvWG4ItF0uR/UIkCbahMzIQcf1XARJU Rc7Oq7icbZdPs233Jlsx =fazl -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----