tag nameiio-for-3.19a (e12412c554bb770f76168875fba4297fd245627c)
tag date2014-11-05 18:51:51 +0000
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
tagged objectcommit 4e4cd14e7c...
First round of new drivers, features and cleanups for IIO in the 3.19 cycle.
New drivers / supported parts * rockchip - rk3066-tsadc variant * si7020 humidity and temperature sensor * mcp320x - add mcp3001, mcp3002, mcp3004, mcp3008, mcp3201, mcp3202 * bmp280 pressure and temperature sensor * Qualcomm SPMI PMIC current ADC driver * Exynos_adc - support exynos7 New features * vf610-adc - add temperature sensor support * Documentation of current attributes, scaled pressure, offset and scaled humidity, RGBC intensity gain factor and scale applied to differential voltage channels. * Bring iio_event_monitor up to date with newer modifiers. * Add of_xlate function to allow for complex channel mappings from the device tree. * Add -g parameter to generic_buffer example to allow for devices with directly fed (no trigger) buffers. * Move exynos driver over to syscon for PMU register access. Cleanups, fixes for new drivers * lis3l02dq drop an unneeded else. * st sensors - renam st_sensors to st_sensor_settings (for clarity) * st sensors - drop an unused parameter from all the probe utility functions. * vf610 better error handling and tidy up. * si7020 - cleanups following merge * as3935 - drop some unnecessary semicolons. * bmp280 - fix the pressure calculation. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAABAgAGBQJUWnZBAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIZAAQAJpkot0ZAYPwtIkmtV1JqrLQ EZRkBN+cIf3q5zp/TnQTqfyhKbpHbJ9/Pnb0zHvn7Yh3WpZod2tyoC3xb8JAlX2h 3tJRrA7plkdMjtwO/ryOxrVJYrm6rCeqKpciwMpDf4E/4fhU5CU++TpmWbhn04qB 7PEZJN5dkmdnQYSIyNle11MYN+NpCAB4zqDvRJoJHpqZV6zAqygJy03H1PqXFS/S iNBL3jS8/PTbeUURUFOQTiqnJw5KuDke7OoXxUfvCpUwQfNLD8mOTrVrEoId1cM0 Y2fmasfHteh83KP34/MOTwNA3EezM8iQOMzJnXtOpxpySPDrDSP68FDAJs15TUJm je8E1xxxdjOWuzgSd9djNm9qhlBkoYgbRwzc8wSAHMK7mCV7pP485WZk5E8rRX2z gMFgUmu4LkiZ2V9glGTAcHqnjhLNDTRCp1Nl/sMVgssFBBNjgR5+nZjUFqDR2QpD eo4ReIzev7Rzxe2lACRjnRrCnO+KKcjiDkyCdM3X2zdTddQRVrP5Uz+jgnvGAeMO hCYDHSOiMzV/r5emVfmNG9w8P9a6rZqu4KqcM/KjSzAfHFQTqmfr4Tkfn/hbeUjY h/zzB18EM4kUSxm3E6+CbFRWcfC7b/PLcUOwSitdujb9cYaX72gdesO2/P3jNFAK 2bjoLRr5l4M4n/DeHae4 =BDOo -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----