tag nameiio-for-3.20a (6dc9dd7d5a18c58dc937a10a3abd98e259e81c30)
tag date2015-01-05 19:03:44 +0000
tagged byJonathan Cameron <>
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First round of IIO new drivers, cleanups and functionality for the 3.20 cycle.
New device support * jsa1212 proxmity / ambient light sensor * SM08500 supported added to the kxcjk-1013 accelerometer driver * KMX61 Accelerometer/Magnetometer. This took a somewhat rocky path being first merged, then reverted for a rewrite after a discussion of how to support additional functionality and finally being merged prior to some last reviews coming in, with resultant follow up patches. * Freescale mma9551l driver (minor follow up warning supression patch). * Semtech SX9500 proximity device driver. * ak8975 gains support for ak09911 and ak09912 and drop the standalone driver for the ak09911. New functionality * Dummy driver gains some virtual registers making it more flexible. * IIO_ACTIVITY channel types, with modifiers running, walking etc. This is to support on chip motion clasifiers. As such it is in the form of a confidence percentage. The only devices so far only do binary decisions but this gives us room when other devices give more nuanced clasification. * IIO_EV_DIR_NONE type for events where there is no obvious direction. First case is step detection. * IIO_STEPS channel type for pedometers. * ENABLE mask element used to control turning on counting types such as the pedometer that need a 'start point'. * INSTANCE event type to support things that happen once. * info element for height calibration (used in various motion estimation algorithms). Note heigh tof use * dummy driver demonstration of the use of all the new bits above. * event monitor support for the new events. * inv_mpu6050 gains an i2c mux to allow bypassing the device to access additional devices connected on the other side of it. Note that in Windows these are handled by firmware on the device and not exposed directly. * inv_mpu6050 gains ACPI enumeration. * inkern interface gains iio_write_channel_raw to allow in kernel users of DAC functionality via a simple wrapper. * Document input current readings in the ABI docs. * Add an error message when we get an out of range error in device tree processing for the in kernel interfaces. Basically a device tree debugging aid. * Add a sanity check that a scan index for a channel is unique during registration. There to help catch bugs as this should never happen in a bug free driver. Cleanups and fixlets A rework of buffer registration from Lars - a precursor to some other upcoming new stuff (a few patches from others rolled in here as well). * Ensure all drivers register the same channels for the device and buffer. * Move buffer registration into the core rather than using the old two step approach. Now we have simple ways of using a unified set channels for both without requiring channels be exposed by both interface, this removes a fair bit of boilerplate. * Stop sca3000 and ad5933 (both in staging) enabling buffer channels by default. It has long be convention in IIO to startup with no channels enabled and leave it up to userspace to say what goes in the buffer. Getting rid of these allows us to drop export of iio_scan_mask_set. * Drop get_bytes_per_datum from iio_buffer_access_funcs as not been used for a while. * Allocate standard buffer attributes in the core rather than in every driver with a buffer. * Make the length attribute read only when a driver is not able to set the length. * Drop the get_length callback for buffers as it is already available in struct iio_buffer. * Drop an unused arguement form iio_kfifo_allocate and add devm allocator for it. * some kconfig entries gain anotation with the resulting module name. * Fix a resulting compile issue in dummy driver due to a stub taking wrong parameters as a result of the above rework. * Fix an off by 2 error in copying the core assigned buffer attributes. Other cleanups, * Trivial space before comma fixups. * ak8975 fixlets - none critical. Rework to allow more device support. * Drop unnecessary sizeof(u8) calls. * bmp280 - refactor the compensation code to reduce copy operations and code length. A second patch futher optimized this and performed some other minor cleanups. * kxcjk-1013 - various power control cleanups to avoid unnecessary enable / disable of device. Make sure it is only controlled at all if CONFIG_PM is enabled. Also som cleanups of error paths. * Small cleanups in adf4530 driver - pointless message and unnecessary braces. * Clarifiy the proximity ABI docs to make it clear it should get bigger as we move futher away. * Drop a misleading comment form industrialio-core.c * Trivial white space cleanups. * sca3000 looses an unused debug function. * Fix char unsigned ordering in ad8366 * Increase the sleep time in ad9523 to make it predictable (value didn't really matter so make it more than 20 msecs) * mxs-lradc touchscreen property cleanups in device tree are fixed to ensure the meet all the 'interesting' documentation. * A couple of cleanups for the staging ad5933 driver to avoid unnecessary conversion to a processed temperature vlaue in kernel and remove platform data form the state structure as not needed after probe. * Fix a wrong scale factor in the docs. Misc * Add IIO include files to the maintainers entry. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAABCAAGBQJUqvByAAoJEFSFNJnE9BaIWmIQAKH5WekH3wBetW15AA6XJdh4 GxrB3G8WIwVH+D58j++cU1CA1j/9YDUlZtccr/16LzGkjtPbu75afXww6FfwEzPD 526h2bfEKfBGXfJN747G2UY44+aEgcXmZwqbCI88i2TWi1HP8d+C+s+Hrf838+AK pA+8FvHF/OLKSadPEMvKjUCpuz/s1GizrziDsfe8gHw+cuNyx0xpcf7iwAIBvi0c REdBiB4+YTC0zIYVl5oR4RVTJ6w+mnrmQMfjP0E/hef1AjQ2Ygw9K9tyhkXjBH7G C/7CU/222ih+aHs16Dfp/xnFBcX51fQt/n1ayLawuM41uN/bqimQOXoHTsXlgd8/ YFRYSgGIR6nipSp5XDFdrE9d/ef31BaiHGz70eO/pz4dV7Z5DkS5cfAzxyXQzTZD 8keLwWCeDSdvzhxTn4mzWtyTL6tzg2F3MrNkgXNNODBw0EG4bfI+aJdi3DaHZgGg 5p7qHC8SEwT7lcMl7CYNr376soGE4i72PSYkpkYq4Td9bu21jLqJilIEeVZnSNjb bvzXnSK0Yhu5whXHnWg/GG+ULEYXQI0NtB4PMwE1PIWDGnkkAZ5pEeGQRwacZN7M wetsnDbm/yoJuWCUzbEXnPxpTsTqSKFo2X9b9t7OfxRpvRYUlrC4cRWV3yNpd+e6 rfUYJZz51AgKMuWNZ7RZ =/3xx -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----